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  1. Hi there, check this site out! I used it on my i phone and it's just awesome!!! but it's not free!!!! http://www.foreflight.com/
  2. This is awesome ! Is there a way to make it work on your I Phone as well? Thanks again!!
  3. I know that this is an older topic! Just wondering what you guys think now about the economic outlook! Is it getting worse as all had expected? :shock:
  4. Hey HP! Get a degree in Spanish!! it's Cuba Libre :shock:
  5. It took me also 3 1/2 years !!!Patiance is the best advice!! Good luck!
  6. F......g birds!!!!!!!!!!!!can't make it through stage 2! Good game,maybee I forget Helicopters and try flying water bombers!!!!!
  7. Jetbox I think you are radioactive contaminated !!! :shock:
  8. Hi there! don't you do a hammer head into the wind?so on your way back you are gona be downwind, right?anyway he should have had more altitude and of corse not with pasangers on board!! :down:
  9. or you are a cook and let one of the catering companies fly you in ,work two weeks and check the heli companies after or before working!!!!!!! Wich other companies are up there besides great Slave helicopters???? Good luck!!!
  10. Hi! Can't see taht video anymore! :angry: !!!!!!!!Anyone knows where I can get it again!! Thanks,I relly need to see that video once week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
  11. Hi there! Is it normal after not flying for more then 4 years being a 100 hour pilot that you have to start almost from the beginning! maybe someone was in the same position as I'm now and have some sort of advicement??????? Thank's in advanced Toni
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