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  1. If he was to make a stand alone version(and it were priced right) of this I might be interested but not web based. I use LogBook Pro at the moment but it sure would be nice to use a Canadian product and support our aviation related businesses rather than the states.
  2. I say no single pilot IFR and no single engine IFR while carring passengers. I'd be damned if I would let one of my family go on a flight in bad weather in a single with 1 pilot....or good weather for that matter. Single pilot IFR as well as single engine should be banned in commercial operations period!
  3. USA Today is reporting that the aircraft the crashed into Lake Erie with 9 aboard belonged to Georgian Airways. Condolences to the families invovled. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2004-0...lake-erie_x.htm
  4. Without a doubt the greatest contribution Canada has made to aviation has to be EI!
  5. CTD I was waiting for that one. I was sitting here wondering how long it would take someone to come back with a line like that...LOL
  6. Can someone please remind me again why I am in aviation. Going to the poor house real fast!
  7. That is actually a fountain not a helipad.
  8. Well everyone the 200 training has fallen through, what else is new! Disappointment and aviation seem to go hand in hand. Anyone know where I can get a start in the float flying business, think I will just fly something fun! Either that or get out all together, had smoke blown up my butt too many times.
  9. Thanks Skywrench hopefully I'll get enough sim time before they throw me into the cockpit.
  10. Well Twotter I am starting my King Air 200 training in a few weeks and I'm crapping broken glass! You know the typical self doubt..can I keep up with the plane, there's so much to learn in such a short time. You know the typical jitters. Any advice for someone just taking that first step from a C310 to the King Air?
  11. Do you use an electronic logbook and if so which one? Are you happy with the performance and price? I am not selling anything I am just curious. I personally use Logbook Pro but a Canadian made logbook would certainly be welcome.
  12. I agree never trust GPS 100% I had a Garmin fail on me recently leaving YOW. I thought something didn't look right on arrival when it took us NW of the field then turned us in instead of going direct as programmed to do. On the way out the ground speeds were all over the map so it got the old "off" switch and back to the good old VOR's! Thank god I can still map read! :down:
  13. Basically they all fly like a Cessna! I didn't notice much difference betweent the 172 or the 182 just a little heavier and faster that's all. Again that seems to be the norm for the other models as well.
  14. I'm still pounding the pavement (sometimes in frustration with my fists) but I have noticed a lot of people are reconsidering taking up the profession because of cost and prospects of landing employment. (pun not intentional). The other day when I was in buying fuel for my plane I got looking at the board....wow how in god's name can anyone afford to rent a twin these days to build hours or a single for that matter? I never thought I would see the day when a class 1 instructor costs $65.00 per hour or a class 4 at $45.00. The flight school I was buying my fuel from said their flying
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