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  1. They woke up to three shotgun blasts. They were in a trailer about 15 feet from the machine. Helicopter went up like a road flare. Everyone was ok.
  2. That is part of Eurocopters promotional video for that aircraft, so I guesse they know what they are doing.
  3. This is some crazy flying..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvRP9gCe9s8
  4. All summer here in Northern Ontario those phones sucked! You had to walk around like you were on star trek looking for signal, then if you found it, you had to bring your head to the phone or you would loose it :down: You can make a call from anywhere in the world except where you are standing at the present moment
  5. We have 6 Machines, 1 AS350D, 1 AS355F1, 2 BH06, 2 R44. Mind you they are rarely all out flying, there are 2 other Pilot/AMEs other than myself, one is chief pilot, the other is the owner, one 1 year apprentice and thats it. As far as getting paid for the extra work(engineer work) non-exsistant, I get paid the same as one of our pilots, plus when a machine goes down for maintenenance I get to fix it and loose flight pay as the other pilot goes and flys my machine in the meantime! most of the year it is not to bad, but when it is busy I will go out spray in the morning, wrench the afternoon awa
  6. Being an apprentice is how I got into my seat flying, I suppose in a way you are right, but here in Ontario we have a hard time finding either to fill jobs. Especially AMEs, we are very short staffed in that department, but I guesse the money is not here in Ontario to keep people here We used to have nothing but Pilot/AMEs here(4 at one time) but they have moved on to the West to make the big bucks
  7. Just wanted to see how many Pilot/AME's are out there. Wondering if you guys are doing both jobs or just one. I am doing both and was wondering how many others are doing the same. Two jobs and one paycheck
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