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  1. I have recently encountered a glitch with my Gallet Helmet, when used in the new 407GXi, the volume is not high enough to be readable, with both the com box and the radios at max volume. Anybody knows of an 'inline' amplifier I could buy?
  2. I have had a Gallet for over 10 years now and since day 1, I have found it to be really noisy. I remember the first time I flew with it, I couldn't believe how much noise was getting in my ears. I tried switching with the regular David Clark headset dangling on the co-jo side and thought wow, this is better. Anyhow, I ended up buying molded plugs from customs protectear and it was all good from there. Dont get me wrong, I still like the helmet, the comfort, the visors, and the fact that it is not heavy and very compact to sling in the astar. Fact is, I had not heard anybody complain abou
  3. Its on a BH12. It turned out to be tied in satphone handset causing interference......god knows how...but once disconnected, problem disapeared..........Amazonian black magic!!!!
  4. Thanks a lot for the answers. It does sounds like grounding/ shielding issues. I will fire an email to Latitude and see. It is not an antenna proximity problem since it is also affecting a handheld even at 2mtrs from the machine. This AM I had a little Motorolla hanheld radio, I put it on the "pedestal" close to the com box and it went tschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh non stop. It would do that if held close to the pedestal or dash. When the skytrack ckt breaker was pulled, the problem went away. Superwrench, you are saying that putting shields on the PWR cables helped the problem??
  5. Anybody has ever had interference problem in a FM radio caused by the Skytrack system?? I put the battery on, turn on the FM and TCHSSS TSCHH she goes, I pull the skytrack breaker and peace comes back. It also does the exact same thing on a handheld radio even a few meters from the aircraft. Any ideas???
  6. Indeed, they are all tie wrapped together....... Thanks for the info, we will investigate further.
  7. Hi, I have been getting the same over and over problem on ASTARS and would really like to fix it once and for all. This has happened lots, through the years on different machines(only Astars) from different companies . When keying the FM radio(TFM550) from the pilot cyclic, the VHF radio squelch from either COM 1 or COM2 seems to activate which creates a really annoying noise in the pax headset. The same thing is true when the front PAX activates the PTT switch on the dash, the noise is heard in the pilots headset. So when flying fires, the firefighter sitting in the front PA
  8. Who ended up getting the Afghanistan Mediums and Heavy contract????
  9. Hi! I am looking for the Bell 205 Flight Manual supplement for the -17 engine and the 212 M/R Blades. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I was recently made aware that a pilot flying an Astar B2/D2 for the same company, had an overspeed on final approach which ended up in a flame out... and autorotation. I heard of at least one similar occurance... When I tested the overspeed limiter on the machine I flew a few months ago, following the procedure, the engine flamed out instead of just spinning down to prevent overspeeding. My understanding of this system is that when an overspeed is detected, a signal is sent to decrease the amount of fuel sent to the engine to prevent such an overspeed......but no flame out
  11. Hi, I am doing a check on a 206B and I was wondering if anyone would have a soft copy of any type of systems description for the aircraft. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hey I just spent some time trying to verify that and didnt find where to subscribe..... Where do you go exactly, post the link please.....I'm too dumb to find it by myself it seems... Thanks!!
  13. Thanks for the info! The course was booked with survival system. Now since we are at it... Anyone knows anything about immersion suits for pilots??? I have to do a 10-15 days contract flying over the ocean on the coast of Cape Breton and Newfoundland in march. It involves substantial amount of flying. I am provided an 'orange' onepiece mustang suit, but I find it a bit....inadequate.... I have been told professional immersion suits for pilots are a real pain in the butt to wear cuz they get real hot and cumbersome.... Any suggestions??? Thanks!
  14. Alright thanx a lot for the info!! Cheers!
  15. ouppppssssss I guess I should have posted in the training section....sorry....
  16. Hey! I have been trying to find a school / organization that would give "Helicopter Underwater Escape training" in the boston area......with no luck... Could anybody help me with that? Thanx!!!!!!
  17. Ok thank you all for the great info! I ended up buying a Gallet helmet from Merit apparel for 1900$ Can with the whole thing, hush kit, Zeta liner etc... Now to anyone who owns such a helmet I have a question: How do the ear cushions behave in less than 5 Celcius temperature?????????? The reason for asking: I have been flying with the helmet for the last 5 days (just received it) and the last two days have been a bit colder like 5 Celsius yesterday and -4 today. The ear cushions were so freaking hard it is not even funny, I couldnt even fit the helmet on my head......Take
  18. Alright thanx a lot for all the answer. And man, auto Relight, you have to get laid, you cant go around like that pulling the smart *** ####...... I asked the question because I wanted to know what people who know better think about it.... Do yourself a favor and dont loose your time writing stuff like that. You know I once had a friend who was really ugly and he still managed to get a piece once in a while and it made him feel a whooooooooooooooole lot better!!!!
  19. Alright, I am thinking about buying a helmet. First, Is that a good idea?? Is slinging with a helmet in an Astar a pain in the butt? I guess Gallet are the best option, anyone has a contact in where to buy??? Thanx!
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