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  1. https://energeticcity.ca/2021/01/20/new-helicopter-service-coming-to-fort-st-john/
  2. I tried to attach photos but cant seem to get them uploaded for some reason. I used the same technique gallet uses to keep the earcups in place. Velcro!! works fine and you can position them anywhere you like because the bose earcups are slightly smaller than the gallet ones.
  3. For anyone considering doing this I thought I'd post about my experience. I just installed an a20 into my gallet 250 and it was wayyyyy easier than I anticipated. The headset comes apart very easy. The microphone assembly is able to disconnect from the headset itself. You have to open up the assembly to be able to disconnect the mic boom from the assembly itself so it can be mounted directly to the helmet. There is NO soldering involved. It just disconnects from a mini wiring harness. The only mod I did to the headset was to sand off a piece of the microphone wiring housing that connects to th
  4. Another major player announced a bunch of lay offs today. 20+ pilots, 20+ engineers and bunch of office staff. This industry is broken and no-one seems to want to fix it!! Is this the new normal? Are we all going to be seasonal employees soon. This is the 2nd year in a row for layoffs with this company. I'm looking for the exit!!
  5. Would its initials start with G and end with H? I know they were doing a "pay review" this fall. they make it sound bright in cheery but there's usuall a bag of dog #### buried somewhere!!
  6. I've found that if you keep your approach to the water source a little bit faster than normal your bucket will settle into the water much better(on an astar at least) and you will have a much easier time keeping reference and not have to worry about your bucket swaying in the downwash. Obviously this depends on the water source and you should make your approach according to the conditions of the water source. I would rather bucket on a long line any day though.
  7. If you like working 42 days straight and then getting a week off to scramble home and pay your bills, kiss your wife/girl;friend and pat the kids/dog on the head then this is the career for you. Don't be taken in by all these 'life is wonderful posts'. You will work endless hours for no money at the beginning but if you keep with it, in a few years you will have 'experience' and will work endless hours for a little money! I'm a base manager so I have it pretty good. It took me a long time to get here and these jobs are few and far between, but I look at our new pilots and they are all o
  8. Hey All, just wondering what the going rate for away from base pay is these days. The company I work for doesn't feel that it is necessary to pay guys a little extra to cover extra costs of never being home. I need a little ammo. cheers,
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