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  1. Same issue here. Can't PM anyone.
  2. Forgot to give you my email swcorn@telus.net

  3. I am interest

    Do you still have it

    am in the bush for probably another week

    Shawn Cornthwaite

  4. Airport Restaurant at Qualicum beach is a great place to spend for lunch. But good luck getting a table!
  5. I've been working full time as well as training for the past few months. Originally I had wanted to dedicate full time towards my flight training but the way things worked out, it worked better for me to stay employed and do the training during my time free from work. I, like you, have been doing shift work, meaning more or less lots of days off at a time and for the most part I was able to get through everything no problem, aside from groundschool hours which I'm a little behind on. You will need to make some personal sacrifices during your training to make time for everything necessar
  6. I delt with Alex at Maxcraft in Vancouver as well and service was outstanding. :shock:
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