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  1. Yep, but I'm not sure this solves any of my problems. It's just replacing 1 decentralized database that only works on one OS with another decentralized database that only works on a different OS. We'd still have to chase after pilots to send in their reports/data and go through the whole error identification, rectification, resubmission rigmarole that I already hate with FltDuty XLS. I use LogTen Pro for my personal logbook, but I'm not sure they have the provisions for managing/overseeing a roster of pilots (unless that's changed, I could be wrong).
  2. Not bad, I'll discuss this option with our IT guy!
  3. To be fair, they are prone to paperwork errors on day 1. Or days off.
  4. Haha, thanks! I'm going to look closely at Air Maestro and Zululog, and see how they stack up vs Cirro.
  5. If you have to spend 90%+ of your work day tracking down, renaming, sorting, auditing, correcting the flight duty reports of 20-ish pilots (all of whom are prone to error on the best of days, let alone on day 27+ of a fire gig), you might change your view point regarding the benefits of a custom solution.
  6. Ah yes, this has been mentioned to me before. Have you used it? Do you like it? Priced appropriately?
  7. Saifan's spreadsheet is really clean, I like it. And the dropbox idea is a pretty good solution. However, we already have issues with pilots incorrectly filling out and maintaining FltDuty XLS and weekly excel timesheets (which also include FDT entries for cross referencing) without having to add an extra step of them understanding how to properly use dropbox. What I really liked was Highland's in-house system I saw this summer on their EFB where you cannot fill out today's flight ticket without having entered yesterday's duty times. I like what I've seen of Cirro, and FlightOffice seemed promising but I've yet to see a functioning program from them. If we already have an EFB in each machine, it makes more sense to me to have the pilot make use of that resource and a well set up program rather than having to battle with each individual's personal IT issues, subjective interpretations of flight time / air time / duty time, etc.
  8. Very interesting, Saifan thanks! Still, my ideal set up would have all pilots within the company entering their flight times, duty day, and rest times into an app in the field that syncs with a central database. The bane of my existence is obtaining, reviewing, and auditing weekly reports from every single pilot. Not to mention the painful process of eliciting corrections. Far as I'm concerned, the less steps that have to be done by a human, the less opportunities for error and the less chance my brain will eventually melt.
  9. Rookie Move in Shearwater

    I'm really hoping coastdog uploads a pic of the note so we can enjoy the full scope of the tirade!
  10. Accident

    Crummy way to learn a lesson
  11. While I agree that Excel is very robust, I don't think it supports the level of connectivity required to pilots to update FDT times from the field and populate a central database. Of course, this could be accomplished by a responsible human component, but as always we are fallible beings and prone to error.
  12. Let's just say I'm tired of manually slogging through an entire pilot roster's worth of individual FltDuty XLS reports, and would love to hear about some viable alternatives you folks may be using on a company wide basis (that aren't in-house). Does LogTen Pro work from a company perspective? I like it for personal use, but can't tell if it's geared for managing a group of pilots or not...
  13. ORNGE Crash

    I'm pretty impressed this got back on track with constructive discussion after someone's poor attempt to derail the thread!
  14. Machine down?

    Oddly enough, I think the weight of the bucket may have contributed to him staying upright.
  15. Machine down?

    I've also seen said video. It's quite high quality too which is good. Having watched it with many other pilots out here, the opinion seems to be divided pretty evenly between LTE and Mechanical Failure. Personally, I side with the LTE camp.