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  1. In BC: I think our mediums did really well. The Astars got split between IA and Admin and/or bucket support so were a bit more hit & miss. Personally, on the Astars, I flew around 250hrs since June I think? About 50 of those with a bucket. Only a few snowmen.
  2. This is also a helpful link for NOTAMs https://www.notammap.com/
  3. The link updates every 2 hrs I think? But you need to manually upload the most current version to Foreflight. It's doesn't auto update like the other documents. MFLNRO has a variety of air-to-air frequencies they employ on fires, but most aircraft should also be monitoring 126.7 or the local mf if applicable. You shouldn't need to communicate with any fire aircraft and if you do, you're probably already too close or inside a NOTAM area..
  4. Oh man. Good news the occupants were alright. Wine tour, from the looks of it?
  5. Terrible news. I didn't know the pilot, but many of my coworkers did. They're all understandably shook up. Sounds like a heck of a fellow.
  6. Colour me surprised! Pacific region, submitted May 05, response received May 21! PURPOSE This equivalency certificate authorizes the transport of propane on a cargo aircraft, which is a helicopter, in quantities greater than what is prescribed by regulations. The dangerous goods are transported in compliance with section 12.9 – Limited Access of the TDG Regulations. The dangerous goods are contained in cylinders that are either slung externally from the helicopter or in an external cargo compartment attached to the helicopter. In either case, the cyli
  7. Maybe I'm way wrong but this looks like some kind of accidental takeoff without even being at full rpm yet. The way it tips forward and hops off the pad, coupled with the right use which would jive from low t/r authority at low rpm? And maybe the video is slow, but those blades dont look like they're spinning at full power..?
  8. I started the EC application process for that last week, I'll let you know how it turns out. Frustrating that they are amending the volume limit for gases to accommodate 100lbs cylinders, but aren't doing the same to include 425lbs.
  9. @Freewheel I'm interested in your take on the above, but the only section I can see which pertains to the question of Propane is that they are adjusting the max cylinder volume "The maximum capacity per means of containment for these otherwise forbidden gases would be increased from 100 L to 110 L cylinders, as this represents the typical capacity required to hold 100 lb. of gas. Increasing the limit would accommodate these cylinders. The total capacity of all cylinders on a passenger plane would be increased from 120 L to 132 L, as this represents the capacity of one 100 lb. cylind
  10. Well I know what I'm doing on Monday
  11. I wonder if it's worth applying for an EC allowing transport to limited access areas via external load, in a manner that doesn't comply with TDGR. Namely the quantity limits of various DG. Or if TC would go for that at all.
  12. Here's where I'm getting hung up. My interpretation of the TDGR 12.12 that you quote above is that unless you are conducting those specific activities (or the list of activities Appendix A of the HAC Equivalency Certificate), TDGR does not consider it to be aerial work. So, my example of transporting Propane for a back country hut, via external load... Is this aerial work so far as the TDGR are concerned? Or are we limited to the restrictions of 12.9 Limited Access regardless of the method by which the Propane is transported?
  13. Thank you Freewheel, I had read the HAC discussion paper and was having issues wrapping my head around aerial work as interpreted by CARs vs TDGR. The specific example we're grappling with is needing to longline propane under Limited Access in cylinders larger than 100L. 100L is the maximum cylinder capacity allowed by 12.9 limited access unless the cylinders are rated TC51 or DOT51. The counter argument was raised that these restrictions shouldn't apply to an external load, however I was told otherwise by a TDG inspector, granted they work in the 'Surface' branch. But getting
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