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  1. Wtf was going on here? https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/309144/Upper-Mission-residents-capture-dramatic-video-of-helicopter#309144 Doesn't look like any "training" exercise I've ever been part of unless this was some poorly situated LTE recovery drill or something...
  2. Astars have been listed since the day they were bought though...
  3. Rene was such a knowledgable and experienced fella, with a kind heart. They had a good thing going there and a great relationship with forestry. Too bad kookoo bird and their lawyer convinced him to shut the doors with zero notice to the dedicated team of staff who'd been working their butts off all winter to save the company... I still remember being followed around like a shoplifter as we packed up our personal gear. They even hid the remote for the TV!
  4. I know a heli pilot who picked up PART TIME gig flying drones at the refineries around YMM and makes more per year than when he flew full time..
  5. Dude seriously just dug up a 3 year old thread to go on a rant... I don't think a hug is going to cut it.
  6. The downside with a two piece as well is, if you're like me, as soon as you're given the option to only wear half you end up doing that all the time. With my 1-piece, I wore it every flight. No choice, unless I wanted to wear street clothes. With the 2-piece, I find myself way too often flying in just the pants and maybe a softshell jacket (or even a t-shirt in summer). Or, just the jacket and a pair of Carhartts or what have you. Flexibility is good in one sense, I suppose. But it also kind of defeats the purpose.
  7. I'm going to load this up on the ipad and run it past some coworkers. We'd love to see functionality added for the B3, B3e, and EC130!
  8. If it's the same as the one done by Hydro One and BC Hydro, it really teaches you a lot about best practices when flying in those environments. I'd recommend it for anyone, regardless of experience.
  9. $53.50/day Last place was $60/day but had to be talked up from 50% per diems when at crew houses.
  10. This is neither here nor there, but I watched Alien Covenant the other night and I'm pretty sure the drop ship pilots were wearing Northwall helmets? So that was cool.
  11. It gets really special when you combine Company 1, 3, and 4...
  12. Yeah, Labour Canada is pretty clear about what constitutes hours of work, despite what the people signing the pay cheques may try to tell you. Namely: In general, an employee is performing “work" when the employee: is on any trial period or training required by the employer; is on travel time required by the employer; is at the employer’s disposal on the worksite and the employee is required to wait for work to be assigned or is assigned work outside their normal responsibilities; and is on a scheduled break granted by the employer.
  13. Well, I haven't worn it other than around the house, as it's a lightweight one. And I ordered the pants too long, so I need to get them hemmed. But so far, I think it'll be good! It's very comfy, and the new-style collar isn't nearly as nerdy as I worried it might be. I think I may miss rolling up the sleeves like on my onesie, and it could do with more of a variety of pocket sizes (all the flashlight/pen pockets are identical sizes). I also didn't spring for any "options". I'll check back in once I wear it for a shift or two.
  14. They have nomex ones too, but you have to call for pricing. I have a 2 piece in my locker right now
  15. There are some operators out there who have seen the writing on the walls and are implementing, or quickly moving towards 2/2 shifts. I find the 2/2 to be completely refreshing and I'm actually excited to start a shift, and not grouchy by the end of a shift.
  16. I'm all good with where to get standard suits, I've had one from Guardian clothing that lasted so long it's probably fire-promoting by now rather than redardant. Wore it summer & winter. I've had a few company suits from Flight Line as well which did the job but were nothing to write home about. I was just curious specifically about what you get from Stephan H for the added cost. But anyway I came into some unexpected disposable cash, so I treated myself. Apparently there's quite the lead time though, so I guess fingers crossed my 2-piece arrives in time for fire season?
  17. MFLNRO as a "club" is pretty accurate I think. A bunch of coworkers got MTN courses the season of the Plateau fire but after that 130 went in the lake, MFLNRO decided they had an unwritten rule that there was a minimum mtn time on TYPE requirement as well. A few of the guys they released had already flown a full shift on the fire, and had crews vouching for them. It's very much being at the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to have an employer put a 25hr course into me a few years back, but I'm acutely aware that I only just scratched the surface in terms of knowledge.
  18. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but has anyone here gotten around to trying out a Stephan/H suit or jacket/pants combo? I would like to give them a shot but am having a really tough time justifying the nearly $800 price tag. Especially when you can get a standard style suit from Flight Line or Guardian for low $400's.
  19. Lance was a helluva a character and a type of God to us lowly 100hr tour pilots in Canmore. About as ornery as they come, but under that prickly layer you'd sometimes catch a glimpse of the kind heart inside. He'll be missed for sure.
  20. 9, you maniac! I blame the Netflix.
  21. Oh absolutely. Engineers are getting bent over the barrel hard... I'm shocked nothing has been legislated regarding their work hours..
  22. For the record, I think the averaging agreements are perfectly reasonable given the nature of our work. Where the issue arises is when an employer tries to have their cake and eat it too, by (illegally) stacking the deck against the employee. Of course you'll never be ahead of an averaging agreement if on a given summer day you can only log 5hrs of your 14hr duty day on a fire, when the guy stuck at the hangar sweeping the floor can log 8hrs.
  23. In short, no. The averaging agreement has to do only with overtime hours per the Canada Labour Code, and how you are paid out by the employer. The new regulations this thread was started about are CARs regs pertaining to the allowable lengths of duty days, rest periods, and flight time. So no, they are no overruled. The new regs, however could impact your averaging agreement in that it will be somewhat harder to get ahead of the average during a busy summer (limited to 8-13 hours vs 14), and thus be paid out less in the off season, or receive less paid time off.
  24. None of these specifics are addressed by the wording of the averaging agreement that all us helicopter pilots are subject to. It's the same boiler plate basically stating that overtime will not be paid out unless you surpass 2080hrs on the year. The document does not define what does / does not constitute hours worked. For those interested, here is the link to the Labour Code information, attached is a pdf of the same. Note the case cited in What is meant by the term “work”?The Labour Program takes the view that work must be given a common sense or practical meaning in the context of certain industries and established practices. Flexibility to define “work” and what is to be paid for should generally be left to the employee and employer to negotiate.See: Ian Wilson and Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd. (YM2727-1457) In general, an employee is performing “work" when the employee: is on any trial period or training required by the employer; is on travel time required by the employer; is at the employer’s disposal on the worksite and the employee is required to wait for work to be assigned or is assigned work outside their normal responsibilities; and is on a scheduled break granted by the employer. Labor Canada Definition of Work.pdf
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