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  1. Excuse me Gents for re-posting but I'd really appreciate if anyone can help me about. I am looking for info on Alaskan helicopter pilot Al Hertauger, who perished in a white-out near Ft Yukon back in late 1970's (or early '80?). Any photo of his Gazelle helicopter would be also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  2. I am looking for info on Alaskan helicopter pilot Al Hertauger, who perished in a white-out near Ft Yukon back in late 1970's (or early '80?). Any photo of his Gazelle helicopter would be also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  3. Abc, please check your PM. I hope you won't mind my late reply
  4. Highbladedown, was the other one Gazelle you mentioned C-GXED? http://forums.verticalmag.com/index.php?showtopic=22022&page=9 (post #81) Do you might recall they were painted similar?
  5. Cambox, thnx. I can only imagine the variety of problems a pilot must have to deal with while away from base.
  6. What a story! Thanks for your kind explanation regarding HF antenna, Black Mike. I wonder if any of you gentleman might have some photo of those Sunwest Helicopters Gazelle. All I have is one small & blur image of an magazine cover scan (see this thread's post #3).
  7. Much appreciate! I noticed such "decoration" on Canadian Gazelles only. Was the size of antenna in connection with duties in remote areas where some of them frequently operated? (Excuse my ignorance)
  8. I'd like to know what kind of antenna is on this C-GSHL photo: Thnx!
  9. Well said Cambox , it's high time to save some reminders on those times... I'm trying to do so with Gazelles
  10. After a short break Timberland Helicopters' C-GOCA before it went to Ukraine and become UR-ACCA. Photo taken at Courtenay Airpark, BC in June 2004 by Jason Pineau. Seems this Gazelle will soon fly again in Belgium under N registration...
  11. Hi 5555, great to see you and welcome to the 'Gazelle Club'!' According my database, Haida operated CF-MQQ back in the 1970s... so, this may be the one on your slide. Many clouds have come and gone since the pretty Gazelle would grace the Canadian skies but with your help we can preserve the history of this aircraft in your fine country. Thanks again to all who have contributed.
  12. Seems the theme slow down a bit for some reason... well, let's kick it again Does anyone can confirm on this lousy printed & scanned image is C-GXED?
  13. That's a nice looking machine, indeed. Here it si as Philippine's RP-C787:
  14. C-GEJE was with J.T.Thomas Aviation Ltd. out of Smithers, BC at the time. Great photo, btw!
  15. OK, let's continue, C-GDUG as Great Lakes Helicopters' machine at Toronto - Billy Bishop City, July 19th, 1978 Photo by Mick Bajcar via Airliners.net. Orange-yellow c/s, I assume.
  16. I found this blur image of GSHL with a new registration and c/s (SunWest's)... late 1990s, I assume.
  17. B26 Invader, what a great photos! A real contribution to my C-Gazelles collection, indeed Thanks for share. I didn't know GSHL was with Shirley Helicopters (later Shirley Air Services). I only knew for Northland Helicopters from March 1975 until '80 when she became C-GMUV for the same owner. So glad to see this thread drag out such interesting Gazelle photos from storage boxes! Keep 'em coming please
  18. While waiting on the slides/photos , let me check if any of you might know for some pic of this SA.341G when it was C-FBHI with Ocean Helicopters Ltd.?
  19. Very kind of you, thanks! By the way, do you might recall registrations of the Gazelles which were on a contract in Zaire?
  20. It had been a hope of mine that this thread might spark some interest in the Maple Leaf Gazelles, so this is just great! Elvis, be prepared for me to check again in a couple of days if your scanner is working, lol! Grasshopper: Thanks for this info - you've got me thinking about those 35mm slides. Fell free to call me if you need any help locating them. (I'm in Europe btw!)
  21. As far as I know know, one of the first Gazelles in Canada was CF-BBO delivered in 1973. I still don't know who operate it nor what happened with that machine since then. I can only hope some photo of that SA.341G survived 'til today...
  22. One more info just added into Gazelle service history Much appreciated!
  23. OK, at least I find out reason of the accident. Thanks for help!
  24. Well, I know for one C-regd Gazelle accident near Ft. Simpson, but it was in Jun 1981 (the operator was Totem Air)... could it be the one you mentioned?
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