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  1. At this point I would need to see those things. I'm not trying to flame you friend, but I hate it when non-industry folks try to belittle industry folks because of their interpretation of a situation they are not involved in. Armchair pilots or engineers are not welcome or appreciated in my opinion. Asking questions is one thing, but telling people how to do their jobs is quite another.
  2. So now you're an engineer too. So while you were on type course I'm sure they explained to you the benefits of all these sb's. Did they explain that some sb's are just in existence for legal reasons and some don't actually fix anything? Do you understand the behavior of different materials being mated together in different hot and cold situations? Pretending you know about flying a helicopter is one thing, but your crossing the line here when it comes to fixing them, mister! And yes, 4 inches makes a huge difference- like about 4 days of composite repairs. Anyone can read and interpret an SB,
  3. This used to be a good forum where a guy could go for a little advice for issues he came across in the field. I think the amount of jibberish and bullying I see here is exactly why the industry is so low on qualified personnel. Too scared to say 'I don't know', so I'll just cover up my ignorance with arrogance. It's like a plague in this industry and I can only hope the whiners and haters make their way to the curb fast. Focus more on your job and less on your ego before you kill someone. Keep safe and have fun. :up:
  4. Sometimes with the eyes of the world on you during a crisis the statement "We haven't figured out the best solution yet" is not going to be accepted. Look at the whole BP thing, they just blindly flailed away at that situation so it looked like they were doing something until they could figure it out. Same thing here in my opinion. Nobody wants to admit they don't know what to do.
  5. I forgot to include the MD500 as well.
  6. Just curious on opinions of how long a reasonable and safe by the book 100 hour inspection should take from skids down to skids up with no snags. Bell 206 Robinson R44II AS350 EC120 Hypothetically with one engineer and two apprentices. Are there actual book values for these times? Interested in opinions from the reality on the floor to perceptions from the office.
  7. An AME apprentice has to do 2 years of school and 2 years on the job, just like a trade. A log book must be filled out for a certain range of tasks and signed by a licensed AME (like a journeyman) just like a trade. You need to achieve a certain amount of hours and pass a certain amount of tests just like a trade. We don't sit in offices with pens but work on machines in the hanger and in the field with tools. If it looks like a duck...
  8. Yes. We understand. Somehow I don't feel we are the ones missing the point here.
  9. Seems a little ridiculous that Transport Canada, the CRA, and the ITA keep stating that our "industry" should request inclusion in the red seal program. I think enough of us have done this. I wonder what the magic word is. I don't even care about the seal. I just want a little equality when it comes to exemptions at tax time. To me this is clearly an example of the lack of co-operation between government agencies who are more interested in populating the trade of carpet layer or sprinkler installer than keeping aircraft safely in the air. I wonder if they would change their tune if we stopped
  10. Dave, you made my green days in the north very interesting to say the least. I'm happy to have known you and I'll always remember you as Canada's oldest serviceable pilot flying Canada's oldest serviceable helicopter. Sorry I won't be in winnipeg, but my last memory of you is the way I'd like to keep it.
  11. Just started using thixo the last year, seems to be working alright. Had corrosion issues with the plastilube, and I ain't on the coast.
  12. Oh, the vortex I googled showed up as American, oops.
  13. Never mind foreign workers, what about entire companies, ie. Vortex moving into fort mcmurray?
  14. "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy" Tom Waits Is that off topic? Not for me.
  15. Oh yeah? Well I'm sick of all these hobby Engineers! Hahahahahaha!
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