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  1. Not too sure what you mean by restriction removal? A Canadian PPL or CPL can have a night rating added to it.
  2. Not sure if the OP intends to go through with FAA Commerical ( written and flight test needed).
  3. You would have to get the Canadian night rating first before heading down to the states to fly at night. Faa does not have "night rating", it is included in the ppl, but since you're doing a conversion, the faa ppl is linked to your Canadian cpl which any restrictions is apply to your faa ppl.
  4. Do you have a Canadian night rating right now?
  5. never see one up close but do they have wheel locks on them? You would think so with all that force from the M.R.
  6. Looks to me like ground resonance, but don't know why he was trying to lift off when he had it on the ground(maybe not)?? http://youtube.com/watch?v=xFkuSlnFCWQ
  7. too bad that I'm taking the exam this week or else I would get it for sure.
  8. Hey, what options and colour did you get? I'm about to get one too since our dollar is on par with the states. I am planning on the LH250 clear/tinted with hush kit, volume control, visor protector and the heli coil com pkg. I was thinking about the Metalic Orange.
  9. Professional Flight Centre at CZBB with Keith McMillan on C-GHIL
  10. Hey Curtis, which options did you have with that?? Single or dual visor? flex mic?
  11. They sure get a lot of free time up there. video 1 & video 2
  12. Do you know how much more it would be for a dual visor?? and what type of mic did you get??
  13. You have any idea how much Maxcraft is selling it for?? It's probably cheaper if I get it from the states??
  14. All this info is great, keep them coming. Now for all the people that wear glasses, did you find any problems wearing your glasses with the helmet on???
  15. hey collective, where did you get you eagle?? and how much did it cost you??
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