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  1. Anyone hear of at least 10-14 companies shutting down in Canada? Heard this from someone, just wanted to confirm.
  2. How come the guards didn't shoot the helicopter while it sat there on the ground (roof top) for 10 minutes? Guessing the guards were probably in on it $$$.
  3. Go to Points North! They always have fuel and it's only a few minutes from Wallaston Lake Lodge. Power line construction is all done north of La Ronge. Wollaston is a awesome fishery caught many trophies there!
  4. Yeah but it's all a big tax write off anyway! Bean counters write off training at a over inflated full tariff plus twice the fuel burn costs. Why do you think most companies do flight tickets for training?? Yes it costs money upfront, but they get it back at tax time..
  5. So when we are hugging one side of the valley in a tight valley during mountain ops I'm breaking the law?
  6. What a shame, I got my 206 endoresment on FRCL in Revelstoke by Gerry Richard. I to have experienced collective bounce in Longrangers, quite the experience to say the least. It comes on so fast and violent, it cut my ears up cause my head was bouncing off of the bubble window. I was fortunate to have known and recognized the symptoms of what was happening and how to get out of it... but still left me with dirty shorts. I called my engineer and he then looked at the collective friction under the co-pilot seat and was able to remove the nut by hand that is supposed to adjust the friction..
  7. Just saw great footage on TV, on the Discovery Channel. The show "Destroyed in Seconds", a Canadian armed forces CH 142 Sea King, doing a demonstration at a New York air show. The Sea King had just finished doing a series of maneuvers and was hovering at 400' Agl, and proceeded to do a vertical landing from that altitude and got into Vortex Ring State, and subsequently was destroyed... Check it out good footage.
  8. Well said RTR... Dont mean to bash any of you low time "CFI'S" out there but really what knowledge and Experience can a 150 hour pilot pass on to a newbie, its the blind leading the blind. Im almost at 3000 hours and still dont feel like I know enough to be able to teach cause Im still learning lots myself and havnt done or experienced everything this industry has to offer i.e.. helilogging or heliskiing ect..ect..ect... Nuff said guess I opened can of worms...oops..
  9. Just some food for thought: If you just Ground Idled your machine for 5000 hours and never pulled collective once. (came up with 5000 hours just for Sh**s and giggles) And your journey log air time got 0.0 hours air time, your telling me that there would be no wear and tear on any rotating parts? I believe if your customer wants the machine running he/she should pay for it.
  10. I agree with Blacmac, once you lift off the clock is ticking until you land and shut down (succession flight) anything in between ie. dropping off crews is billable time. I believe your flight ticket and Air time in your journey log do not need to match as it is none of your customers buisness in the first place to be looking at your journey log.
  11. At one fire cache location, I had to reject four barrels in a row. Weather or not it had to do with the way they were stored or the vendor filling them I do not know.
  12. Couple weeks ago I was in Uranium City, played a little ping pong and lit up 4000 hectares. After each pass the 215's were there supporting our line, worked really well. It stopped that flank from advancing any further, the fire coulda been out if they had ground crew, but the Sask. Govt refused to send the type 2 crews the incident commander requested and a couple of extra mediums, oh well at least were getting some extra work out of her. Hate to be a pessemist but I think the seasons over in Saskatchewan and east for the year! :down:
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