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  1. Hey Plumber I hear it's quit tropical up in the Chin this time of year, so I don't know what your grumbling about!
  2. Can't put a price on the ol' noggin, every helmet does the same thing and thats saving your head!!. It'll all boil down to personal preference. I got a Gallet loaded up and purchased it from Van Isle avionics. Ive been wearing it for 4 years and don't have one complaint>
  3. I started out with the Nomex gauntlets. I've been using the Mechanix type gloves now they don't strech and wash just a easily. When I got a line on and your told to set the load in a tight spot my hands tend to sweat so the gloves help out alot I think, goes for the -15 to -20, gloves tend to keep the ol fingers limber!.
  4. I might have come across a little strong , What I was trying to say its a little easier to squeak out into the industry due to the amount of robbie's out there. I'm definately not knocking andbody that has trained on the 47. Sorry if I offended you there Skids up.
  5. I trained @ Big Horn Helicopters in Spring Bank, AB Instructors where and still are Richard Alzetta and Paul Bergeron and Jenn thiel but she has moved on, all **** good instructors! I say that cause I got a job instantly. Also if you can skin a R22 you can fly anything. Robinson helicopters are wideley used commercially not B47's. So it's probly best to train in the 22, also easier to fly the 44 to. There are tons of 44's out there not B-47's, so I think thats a no brainer.
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