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  1. can not sling or long line with no hook as you have to remove for belly tank
  2. Hey, Duece Bigalow.....Just like Mg42 story... I have heard and seen other success stories with hip replacements being done. Talk to your Doctor about being referred to a orthopedic surgeon. I've seen a couple complete hip surgeries preformed, absolutely amazing what the docs can do now a days. The patients were back to work, and like mg42 wished they had done the procedure years earlier. If you are a canidate for the surgery, go for it...6 weeks down time and then you will be better than ever. However, wait times in our Canadian healthcare system will dictate how long you will have to endure with your current discomfort. So make that appointment soon. Until then take mini's advice... Cheers, K-razy's RN Wife
  3. now what about ec120 options for utilty work?
  4. other than picking up treeplanter gals what advantages does left hand drive have ?
  5. so do you need cheek for aux tank
  6. can not have both slider & cheek
  7. Looking for input on B3 specs.....cheeks or no cheeks, sliding door or no slider ?
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