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  1. Finished my copy in 2 days, could not put it down. This is one of my favorites! Great book Darcy!
  2. Yes I have used the tape around the seat belt trick on the flip up style and I feel comfortable with that but our new aircraft have the spin style release buckle, we have made a plastic plug that is inserted into the buckle to prevent it from unintentional release, But always the but... what happens if you have and accident and the poor smuck is unable to release this home grown lock? you are screwed.. This is one of those practices we have been doing for so long and nothing bad has happened we feel that it must be a safe enough procedure so we continue doing this. What bothers me is when
  3. I have always done the same, but after further thought about this practice a few questions remain. A standard seat a/c belt release does not have the same fail safe as an approved safety harness, The ground is just as hard falling 1000' from a jetranger as from the CN tower. I wonder what transports view is on this? How would the courts look at this?
  4. Whats everybodys thoughts about flying a 206, AS350 etc with doors off while passengers in back are doing say photo flights, hose drops on fire ops without class "D" harness setup. Now with the doors off I feel this is pretty hard to not call this a class "D" operation if you compare this to regulations governing window washing, tower climbing etc. I do not believe that the normal seat belts installed in any of the aircraft I am familiar with could qualify as class "D" equipment. I have done enough of this over the years and have come to the conclusion that it going to be a proper safety
  5. The ontario government does not own ORNGE, it is a "not for profit organization" it is made up of holding companies and such but is paid by the Ontario government for services. a mystery for sure.
  6. We are going to hear all about how this change will cause the world will end as we know it. This is great, quality of life will improve etc, the customers will adapt, life will go on. We all talk the talk about safety.... now regulators are finally are going to walk the walk!
  7. You are right about the fod, a hardover is a lot more likely to kill you than a total loss of hydraulic pressure in a 206A/B. As said before the pressure side filter does not have a "bypass" feature, when the button pops it indicates a impending "clogging" of the filter.
  8. The types with the HV chart in the limitations section without a flight manual supplement. It would be interesting which ones are affected.
  9. Yes if the height velocity chart is in the limitations section it is a limit like gross weight, vne, C of G etc. For example the S76A has a supplement that allows it to operate inside the HV curve, otherwise you would be bound to follow the HV chart in the limitations section in its flight manual, which would be difficult to abide by unless you only fly out of airports. Great ppc question
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