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  1. Try these..... do it at work.....turn the speakers up...lean over to one side..."cut one" and then nonchalantly say "scuze me!!!" A..... http://www.fugly.com/flash/828/fart-sound-board.html http://www.fart-sounds.net/fart_sound_board_2.htm
  2. This is horrible news http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/20...hter-crash.html "A Quebec firefighter killed in a helicopter crash north of Fort McMurray, Alta., on the weekend has been identified. Patrick Dominic Watters-Michaud, 22, of Quebec City, was a wildland firefighter employed seasonally with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. He was a passenger on the A-Star BA helicopter operated by Phoenix Heli-Flight out of Fort McMurray, in northern Alberta. The pilot and three other firefighters were treated in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Two of
  3. Hey 204 Driver Don't make me publish those pics of you at Grayling reclining in your usual position! Working hard huh? Gonna have to get Beetlejuice to stoke up some flames so you don't forget how to start up that noisy old thing. Speaking of noisy old things, the Amazon waitress at the "P" was asking about you....LMAO Cheers and Semper Fi Mac W
  4. Ok...help me out here? Why does the BM have to be a driver or a wrench? Why not just a manager (as in non-pilot or tech). I know, I know "You have to have somebody who understands the industry, equipment etc etc! Well, I'm sure there are some of these type of people out there who are not drivers or wrenches but know an incredible amount of the industry and are interested in only managing. If you're a pilot or tech BM and at the END of the day, when you get back because you had to do a flight or you had an overhaul that had to be done, and your phone is full of messages, something is w
  5. I suppose we're gonna buy that one off the brits too? Think we can still fire up the old Labs?
  6. Hey 204B Driver Hey buddy, ya left Grayling too early......and some good action after ya left. Well that's typical, eh?...... Stick around next season. You know how much we enjoyed you here!..."Quick, lock the doors, here he comes!!!!....ha ha. See ya next season? AirCon (AKA Camp Boss)
  7. I know ya got the know-how Chas, but isn't that like having a car sittin in your driveway or garage for 8 years, starting it up once, and then taking it for a 3 day trip down the road??? How bout a flight report when ya get back? Cheers and Good Luck A
  8. Hey SAR The above Alberta minimums are quoted from the Alberta Forestry Pilots Handbook, but as Shaggy also mentioned, I think experience waives the course. As I also said, I am not a pilot but I work on the air operations side of Forestry here. I will find out more in detail about that question for you. And in hindsight, I know two of the companies here had 2 new pilots (lower hours) that did indeed fly with us....HOWEVER, this was in a "special" situation (as stated above). One was chartered for our Air Operations Officer (206) and I believe the other was also used in this capacity
  9. Hi SAR I'm not sure about other parts of the country, but here in Alberta, the fling-wing companies do tend to get busy at this time. As I work in forestry, this is the time that we start servicing the look-out towers for occupancy, firebases etc. You might be able to get on with a company with low hours, but there is another set of minimums that you need before you can fly in forestry related work...servicing, fire-fighting etc. The four RW companies here do a lot of forestry work here and we generally use all the resourses they have during a fire flap, so low timers might not get a c
  10. Hmmm I'm going in on April 19 to open up a firebase camp I manage, so has spring sprung?....is that Petro-Gel I smell?? Cheers.. A
  11. The Dirty Dozen Rocks!!! Keep on keepin on guys!! See below for my theory on why they do!!! A
  12. The tree hugger will love us!!!....we dispose our fuel into drums so it doesn't hurt the grass. Then we turn it into petro-gel for drip torches...you know...Nature Napalm!!!...ya gotta fight fire with fire!!! PS..do tree huggers every think of the poor trees when they're wipin there arses with a forest product??? Cheers A
  13. Hi folks I tried to find the URL for Industry Canada's PDF file for the Restricted Radio License Study Guide. Anyone know it by chance? Thanks Cheers A
  14. Did you still pick up the loaf of bread and litre of milk before you left like the wife asked you to? Cheers A
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