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  1. Have not heard either good nor bad about Great Lakes training...London hasn't had helicopter flight training for a few years since National left for some reason......
  2. Hello all, I recently went to the Department of National Defence website looking for info regarding flying helicopters in the reserve but only found info on full time pilot recruiting. Would the military reserve possibly look at newly licensed pilots or helicopter pilots with under 1000 hours as canadates to fly in the reserve ranks...??? Anyone on this forumn flying for the reserves willing to provide inside info on getting in the reserve forces helicopter pilot pool..?? I believe a large amount of helo reserve pilots are stationed in Ontario at CFB Borden and some in Kingston,On
  3. This was in the Toronto Star today...flight training of the future...what's the hidden catch here...??? www.flythesky.ca
  4. SORRY ...As of today Modacs' 300c is at $532.25/hour.....$950/hour turbine. :shock:
  5. Hello All, Actually...$500/hour didn't surprise me at all.Modac aviation in London Ontario has been charging $495/hour on their 300c for several months now. :shock: As mentioned before on this forumn...''someone has money because the helicopter schools are turning out several students a year no matter what the hourly rate rises to" Thanks :up:
  6. Hi All, For you prospective students....i stopped in at B.C Helicopters in Abbostford last week...unannounced...and had " ALL " my questions answered,an offer to sit in a new 300 cbi,to take an intro ride and the upfront facts about training and getting the first job. Needless to say i walked away very impressed...somewhere i would feel comfortable and confidant spending my $40-50 thousand....!!!!! Always visit your prospective training school :up: Canrotor.
  7. Any one starting training here next week....??? :up:
  8. Hello All, Is anyone on this site currently going through the commercial helicopter flight training program at Canadore college in North Bay..?? Has anyone been through in the last 2-3 years..?? It seems that the fixed wing colleges(seneca,confederation etc)are always being mentioned but i can't remember ever hearing from anyone going through the Canadore helo training.I read the training is now done 50 hrs 300cb then 50 hrs jetranger and the cost is approx $ 60,000. Comments,hints or tips for prospective students....??? Thanks, Canrotor.
  9. Hello All, Has anyone on this site done any flight training at Canadian Helicopters flight school in Quebec city...??? They seem to have high time instructors and the Quebec area would seem to be a better training area than flat buttonville. Comments,information or hints for prospective students welcome...!!!!! Thanks, Canrotor.
  10. Hello all, Just noticed today that National Helicopters seems to have closed their London Ontario flight school...???!!! Were they having trouble getting instructors..??....and most important,what happened to any students that were in the middle of flight training...??? It appears that Peter Curry is not longer the CFI at their base north of Toronto...were did he go...???? Winnie do you have any info...??? Canrotor.
  11. Like Ryan...I to decided to price out a commercial helo flight training program at a U.S school.Here's what i found; Vortex Helicopters in Mississippi always seems to come out on top as one of the better flight training schools in the U.S as far as the owners,experienced instructors and quality of training.They also have a job placement/guaranted interview set up with two of the larger gulf of Mexico helicopter operators.The U.S commercial lic requires 150 hours total.If this is done in a R-22 the total for this program would be $ 32,713.00 in Canadian dollars...!! I also believe that pri
  12. HI, I don't think Peter Curry is still with National helicopters in Ontario.I think they are having trouble finding an instructor for the London school as well.
  13. Hello Ryan, Letting us follow your training has been a great idea and i hope other students would think about posting their training " notes " as well...very informing..! I believe in the expression " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR " and i think when it comes to your training with Coast helicopter college you certainly got your moneys' worth..!!! With your instructing,challenges and even scenery..... One thing you haven't mentioned(or maybe i missed it)was how many instructors does the school have and how many students are there...and is there a waiting list to get in....???
  14. Another new helicopter school opening.....!!??...oh yea,i forgot about the huge "SHORTAGE" of helicopter pilots.....but on the other hand,most schools seem to be busy,some with a short waiting list to start training.....HMMMMMMM
  15. HI, With so many helicopter flight training schools in Canada and more opening every few months it can be difficult for the wanna-be helicopter pilot to decide where to spend his/her $ 40- $ 50 thousand and get the best training..! With the various helicopter schools offering so many different " advantages" to train with them such as...top facilities,best training aircraft,most variety of helicopter,best area to train in,"TOPS" in job placement,charter division,accreditation etc,etc,etc.........the final decision should depend on the experience/hours of the instructor...........RIG
  16. Hello All, Is there any type of award given on a yearly basis to recognize the top helicopter instructors in Canada..?? I was wondering if H.A.C or transport Canada recognizes instructors for their effort at training new helicopter pilots or for achieving a certain number of accident free training hours or total training hours. THANKS..! Canrotor.
  17. Hi all, Yes,i have recently noticed a low of $395/hr on a 300cbi to a high of $450/hr on a 300c at a school in Ontario. And the new students keep showing up...!!!!......rich parents or friends @ the bank. Canrotor.
  18. How about this to get this site going............ Hello All, Once again,i just read another article about the upcoming helicopter pilot shortage and the lack of "experienced" helo pilots. All the low time pilots on this site have received excellent info from the regulars here about how to get that first job..... -right place,right time -determination -good attitude,good attitude,good attitude So what about the employers..?? If this said " pilot shortage " is in fact around the corner,what should
  19. Hi Bunny, "The Art and Science of Flying Helicopters" Shawn Corwyn Coyle :up:
  20. Yes..what in the world are you talking about...!!!???
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