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  1. As everybody knows, 2007 is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the helicopter.

    In homage to the first rotary wing aircraft flight in France (Paul Cornu, November 1907), the French helicopter assiociation will fly from Paris to Oshkosh tomorrow: more than 50 hours, 300NM single-engine legs above the sea, 10,000Ft altitudes, etc...




    More details here:




    Good luck to the crews!

  2. Hello JWRalph,


    Well... I just wanted to say in my last message that "within the 12 months preceding the date of application for the licence, an applicant shall demonstrate in flight and on the ground familiarity with and the ability to perform, as pilot-in-command of a helicopter required to be operated with a co-pilot, both normal and emergency procedures and manoeuvres appropriate to the privileges of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Helicopter".

    But you're right, the written exams can be hold for 2 years.


    But even if the applicant needs 30 hours instrument time (I mean even for a CPL an applicant needs a minimum of instrument flight time), I'm not sure that the INRAT is mandatory: "where an applicant has not completed the instrument flight time requirement or the night flight time requirement, the licence shall be issued restricted to aerial work only and the total dual and solo flight time requirements for the issue of the licence shall be met". Nobody talks about an instrument rating group 4...


    Here is the official link to CARs, Part IV (Personnel Licensing and Training), Division VIII (ATPL), #421.35 (Helicopters - Requirement):



    But maybe I misunderstood something...


    Have a good day!

  3. Hi!


    1. For a Helicopter type rating - Two pilots:

    An applicant for an individual aircraft type rating for a helicopter with a minimum flight crew requirement of 2 pilots shall have completed a programm on ground and flight training on the helicopter type and for the endorsement of a PPL or CPL, obtained a minimum of 70% on the ATPL-Helicopter Category written exams (HARON and HAMRA) within the 12 months preceding application for the 1st endorsement of the rating.

    An applicant shall have completed flight training on the helicopter type and have completed a minimum of 250 hours pilot flight time on helicopters.

    An applicant shall have passed a PPC on the helicopter type within the 12 months preceding the application for the rating.

    (ref: CARs 401.40 & 401.40)


    2. Right! You can hold a VFR ATPL.


    3. Too lazy to check! lol! ;-)))


    ATPL examples in Canada: CHC, CHL EMS, Cougar, Helijet, ... Usually every medium or heavy helicopters (somebody stops me if I'm wrong).



  4. And they only do fixed wing.....

    My fault: I thought they could have teached both...


    Anyway, I found this HELICOPTER flight school (distance learning too) but I've never heard about them:

    Dragon Helicopters


    But what is sure: you will hardly find a JAA approved school in North America.

    Or try to give a phone call to Cargair (I know: they are fixed wing too) in Montreal: they have an easy deal with some Swiss school for converting TC licences into JAA's. That might help you out!



  5. Hey.


    Are there some flightschools in canada to get a JAR-FCL Licence? Thank you very much for your help...




    I didn't hear about any JAA Flight School in Canada but there is at least one in the States:

    Orlando Flight Training


    Another solution: have you think about distance learning courses?

    Check those British distance schools:

    Bristol Ground School


    Ground Training Services Ltd

    But those are more dedicated for the ATPL and unfortunatly you must first obtain a JAA PPL before starting distance learning...

  6. Hi Tonio

    I am Ex military and we never trained on NOE missions in a manner that is demostrated in the video, our NOE training involved the entire crew to ensure that we came out alive when it was done. the flight shown there to me was nothing more than an imprompto filmed stunt.


    there is trained, careless and stupid flying, each with it's own degree of risk.

    i would classify that as a spot near the stupid side of careless!


    Hello 67N!


    Well... I am an ex-military too and I learnt that: it represents most of my military flight time.


    That's the reason of my last post: I just wanted to say that this is legal (Military Aviation Authorities) in some countries... And not only "5 minutes consecutives" as said in Wikipedia (an open source encyclopedia where anyone can write and post an article on any topic of their choice).


    I didn't find any videos but there are other impressive trainings such as helicopter dogfighting, for example, and pilots are teached by very experienced instructors.


    Have a good day!


  7. Even if I can understand your reaction, I don't totally agree...


    This kind of flight is part of a "tactical" training called NOE ("nap of the earth") that military helicopter pilots use TO LEARN in France and Germany. Those pilots know exactly what they're doing.

    By the way, the pilot of this video is Colonel "Charly" Zimmermann (German Army): he was the first to make a loop with the BO-105.


    You can also watch this one:



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