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  1. Yes, I guess we're talking about the same person.
  2. Hi Sling. I don't know if we're talking about the same G.D. but I read a book about a part of his life (pilote d'helicoptere) and I liked it a lot. Just wonder where he is now.
  3. Good for you Sling. Don't forget us while you're there and send us pics and news. Have a nice time.
  4. Do you have any news about Helimechanic? Did he find a solution for his wrist that he tried to connect to the cyclic grip? Hope so.
  5. Air Glaciers is at Gstaad, Sion, Lauterbrunnen and 5 other bases. There are 15 Lama in operation and 4 not in operation.
  6. Mark, if you like Lama, there are about 30 in operation in Switzerland (if I'm not wrong).
  7. Tell your employer what is your problem in the company. Ask him to rectify your problem. If he doesn't want or even try to find a good plan for both of you, so leave...
  8. Nice book to read (not for flight training): "Pilote d'helicoptere" de J.-P. Otelli. (In french, sorry). A part of Georges Doat's life (from 1968 to 1977). I hope J.-P. Otelli is going to write more about his story.
  9. Over 25000?!! Let me think....your age is....oh my God!!!
  10. Tell me how many hours you have, I'll tell you your age.
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