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  1. Probably for alot of helicopter operators right now if any apprentice showed enough interest to come to tim-buck-nowhere and actually walk in the door to apply for a job they would likely be hired on the spot. Correspondence doesn't mean to much to me, there are people out there too poor to spend a year and a half away from home, especially if home is a long way from a community with a program. I've also met a couple of pilots that have taken the correspondence course during the slow winter months to gain more insight into the machines they fly and the job at the other end of the rainbow.
  2. They are only doing this to sell off the VIH fleet and move all the staff up north because they are so hurting for people in their regular operations.
  3. Forget ten years from now, I think the next six months are going to be worth the price of admission. Not even the busy season and there is already a major employee crunch.
  4. The farther north you are the worse globalstar's become. Iridium is a far better system.
  5. Probably around 70k a year. Seems like every company pays differently so you really have to look at in on an annual income basis.
  6. I feel that pilot/ame's only really work well in a very narrow operational setting. Usually around 2-3 hours flying max a day with enough time left before dinner to get some wrenching done. I've found that when you start doing 4-5 or more flying days the motivation drops off pretty fast to come back to the hangar after dinner or to keep going after a forestry shift to do any meaningful work on the machine. I'll give credit to any out there that are doing both jobs well.
  7. Yup, +1 for Amodao too..... I'd forgotten about the big battery in the boom, that's an awesome setup.
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