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  1. Sorry to hear, condolences to all. God Bless each and every one of you, fly safe in your remarkable profession. UG
  2. Fly safe you guys, have a great season, and God Bless you, your crew and your machines. UG
  3. I'm saddened. My condolences to those involved. God bless each and every one of you whom fly or are flown both fixed and rotary. Thanks to those whom did all they could in this tragic event. UG
  4. So sorry to hear of another loss. Condolences to everyone. Even one event is to many. God Bless each and every one of you.
  5. Hello GWK, In Alberta we pay our own way from EMR , EMT-A and EMT-P (Paramedic). EMT-P is at an ALS level. EMR is a short course that is generally done by Fire fighters $1000.00), but either way you need this to step into EMT-A (emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance), this is a BLS (basic Life Support) course ($5000.00). About 8 months long with an ambulance rotation and ER rotation. EMT-P (Paramedic) is advanced life support and is another 2 years in training, and another 15-$20000.00. It also has multiple ER, Operating room both adult and childrens, Obstetrical, and ambulance practi
  6. Years ago I was working as Flight medic on a bike race. We had a young German guy in the back with doors off. Big camera on his shoulder that had a hasty harness attacher and the other end attached to the seatbelt around his waist. As we were in a banking treetop turn he slid the camera over and the hasty harness strap caught the seatbelt and "Flip" open it came and the seatbelt fell away. Even with my helmet on in the front I heard this and immediately knew what had happened. As I quickly told the pilot that the camera man had unclipped we came out of the turn, I looked into the very lar
  7. I'm not much of a union man, however they do make some play by the rules. I believe that a union is only as bad as the people they represent, so if they were good people to begin with then I think the employer will have no problems. As far as Canada Post goes the only way to make yourself safe is to be a union steward, but then you must protect not only yourself but represent the dirt holes that make the union bad. I have had plenty of experience with the B.S. that makes up the post in Canada. My two cents
  8. We refer to traffic collisions as "MVC" motor vehicle collisions. We once referred to them as MVA" or motor vehicle accidents. The terms were changed because it was felt that "accidents" are avoidable. Yes the couple made a poor choice to go into an unfamiliar area, without proper equipment, one being a cell phone. We have all made stupid choices that later we look at with a sigh of relief that we made it through without life changing circumstances. Regardless do not overlook the obvious, multiple "SOS" imprints were made well outside of the area, looking in a different area, i.e. the ski
  9. Darren, Was that 40min from hill to a trauma center? Or the local ER?
  10. Wow what a great thread. A few years back I bought my brother a Gentex SPH-4 for his flight training with Chinook. Best $1400.00 I ever spent knowing he was that much safer. He has not been working lately so I take it to work. If a medevac comes in I will wear it. I did some research years ago and made a presentation to my employer about the need to purchase helmets as we do about 1 - 2 flights per week. I made my case and a month later had purchased 2 for the service. Most Medics wear them, and as always a few do not. However at least they have a choice. I always grab one before a fl
  11. A blessing the pilot got to him first. Helicopter, ambulance all seem to be the targets of stupid people these days. Wouldn't be the first "ambulance" to get hit. Glad no one and nothing got hurt.
  12. Actually I do agree with you SWP, but I think you may not have written your thoughts clearly on the last comment. I think what you are saying is that your insurance should cover your family long enough to get back on their feet e.t.c. Enough time to grieve, and for your wife or significant other to get back on track without you, but not put her in a mansion on her own island. My financial advisor said as I'm the "Breadwinner" to ensure that the calculation of "My" coverage meets a certain level of expectation i.e. wife, 2 kids, mortgage,vehicles. What would the cost be to my wife over a ye
  13. If I get toasted at work the payout would be a total of 1.4 million. 1.1 with my ins policy and 300 with work. I'm in Canada, and my policy is with RBC
  14. I'm a Paramedic-Fire Fighter, 39y/o. My wife is 34y/o stay at home mommy, I pay $96.00 per month total for 1 100 000.00 for me and 500 000.00 for my wife's life insurance. I we both get it, that a lot of cake for the kids for $96 a month. That does not include what my employer pays out if I get toasted at work. Thats another 3hun. I average 5 medevacs per year in and under the belly of the 407, (Dope on a rope). My job is high risk for vehicle accidents, needle sticks, disease, fire fighting, rubber neckers hitting me on highway accidents etc, high cholesterol too boot. I thought I
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