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  1. Not to me personally but aware of details of one.... B 206B fire fighting mission near Penticton August 2002. Inbound to town, thought to be struck by lightning. Engine "flamed out", Auto relight was armed and successfully relit. While there was no visual evidence of a strike, pilot and passenger experienced physical effects and were off for short time after.
  2. 47B3

    Magneto Failure

    It states " Amateur Built: No "
  3. This SA 341G CF-EMF owned by Finning Tractor (Vancouver B.C.), picture circa 1973. Imported to Canada May 1973. The 1980 Canada Civil A/C Register shows it still being operated by Finning. There were 15 SA 341G's registered in Canada that year.
  4. I got a note a few days ago from Vertical that the website was hacked last week and they were ironing out the problem. That's about the time I noticed things going wonky.
  5. 3 F/W airtankers and a birddog from B.C. have been down there (Colorado) for just over 3 weeks. 2 tankers and a birddog from Saskatchewan also. Not sure about helicopters though. Alot of people up here are keeping a close eye on things and wish you folks the best. For up to date info on specific fires and the situation in general you can go to the "Wildfire Today" website. Look for comments from folks on the site. There are some good links to other sites. Good luck.
  6. Also an interesting lesson in "internet theft" if you look closely in the link................
  7. Along the same lines as the thread and with safety in mind, attached is an interesting article on maintenance and fatigue what an individual can do ( via Flight Safety Information newsletter ). I downloaded it this morning, unfortunately toasted the link. Hope it comes through OK. MX_Fatigue_NewsletterV2I2.pdf
  8. Don't want to hijack this thread..... but how did you ever find an "o" with 2 dots over it ?? Just curious
  9. For an individual or a group ??
  10. N119TV in the picture - Google says news helicopter south of the border.
  11. Kinda ties in with the "How short is too short" thread...........
  12. Jeez TQN, those scans are sweet. I have some Canadian info from the 40's 50's and 60's but the early 70's was a bit of a blank. I'll be looking over those 2 pages for awhile. Thanks !!
  13. Today's CIFFC Situation Report shows 142 machines hired in B.C. Clearly some finger trouble over the past week, this number sounds low.
  14. Error on the CIFFC report....... Figures adjusted on today's.
  15. Too funny....... spewed some savignon blanc on my keyboard. Love the little heart thingy !! It's stinking busy out here on the left coast. Everyone stay safe, everyone goes home at the end of it all !! Cheers
  16. Splitpin : I think I have an answer to most, if not all of your questions. Give me some time to crank out some answers and I'll PM you. Cheers
  17. Not sure where you're from but it's verbotten for BCFS staff to be onboard with anything on the hook, however there are about 5 agencies that do allow it.
  18. Ahhh........ kinda looks like a chimp So here ya go -
  19. It's a ground squirrel, that's OK. The Tool Logic should still work if you're forced down near Calgary.
  20. Gotta love reality TV shows. Just remember when you're watching them that there's a cameraman, soundman, lighting person and director doing their thing in each scene. Then the edit people take over. Enjoyed it anyway.
  21. Ditto from the other side of the continent, we're all thinking about them.
  22. Nickel's tanked pumpkin. Good thing you're not my broker.
  23. Someone introduce the lad to Feliks from Krakow - the both of them could get something going. Oh wait....... maybe they're long lost twins !!
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