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  1. I did my training with them and have nothing but praise for Bighorn. PS- duf, if I remember correctly you are working in Calgary right now. PM me and we can meet up if you want to know more.
  2. I did my training during the summer and it was a hot one. I weigh 200lbs and many days were 30C @ 4000ASL. I learned fast about the limitations of an R-22 so you are right with regards to performance realisations (I could only take 45mins of fuel for my flight test). The point about finishing during the hiring season is a good one though. I also feel like I missed out on a few of the benefits of flying in the winter (by benefits I mean being subjected to the adverse conditions in weather). You'll notice that some schools end their training late April, which seems to me to be just after t
  3. Cole, Flying helicopters. Thanks for the advice guys. I have some tough questions to answer here. I know that my wife does not like me being away (my previous situation had me in Europe for months on end). Having said that she has mentioned that if I want to fly, then by all means GO FOR IT. I just wonder if she will be able to handle the travel (days tend to feel like months for her). It's nice to see that there are some positive views on the issue. PS- anyone out there want to hire a low time guy in Calgary doing base work?
  4. I'll try and keep this short... I did my commercial licence in the summer of 2002. It was without a doubt the best time of my life. Expensive, but didn't even blink at the cost...worth every penny. Here I am now after having diverged from the aviation industry (in school at the UofC) in hopes of starting a life that is "more close to home". Unfortunately now I miss flying so much that it hurts. I'm 28, live in Calgary, married and soon to start a family. My question: Is it reasonable to keep this dream alive knowing that getting that first job would likely have me b
  5. Going back to the original question it is my understanding that Vne exists because of the blade angles on the retreating blade. It is ture that the retreating balde would be going faster however this results in greater separation of air and a lower useful angle of attack. This is why retreating blade stall starts at the tip and moves in. The faster tip of the blade has a smaller useful range of angles to create lift. As the speed increases the useful angle of attack decreases until it reaches a breaking point...stall. This is also complicated by the advancing blade and the nasty vibratio
  6. Yes there are fam flights. It''ll cost you the standard $400/hr minimum. Usually you would go for a half an hour so about $200 and GST. Have you called a flight school?
  7. For any of you guys/gals who have completed your training but haven''t managed to land any jobs what did you do to keep fresh? Pop into your flight school once and a while, do additional ratings, etc? Of course all this is extra $$$$$. Just wondering what the unfortunate ones are doing.
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