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  1. I have had the 560 and used it for about a week and returned it, not as user friendly as the 296 496. to lock in a way point as your over flying it, you have to go through about 3 screens to do it, by that time your past it, I like the quick one button push to lock in a waypoint. touch screen was a royal pain when trying to scan the map by moving it with your finger map would jump from Alberta to the Pacific ocean and just found I was fighting with it to much. Gotta pull off your gloves to use it because you just can't operate it properly with gloves on, I think garmin dropped the ball an
  2. Why not say the name? out of respect for family. Why ask for the name to be PM'd? because most of us are concerned with it being someone close to us that we may know. I just remind myself why I don't come on this site anymore. some of you on here are ready to jump on anything negative.
  3. I have started using the seat just recently and at first I was frustrated with it, but after getting used to it, I actually like it. It takes time to get used to, kinda like long lining out of a astar sucks at first but after time it's no big deal. Alpine Aerotech is very open to suggestions and would really like feed back on this seat so feel free anyone to call them and throw some thoughts or suggestions to them after all this is just the beginning of these seats begin designed.
  4. 212wench, you need to read between the line I really am sure that nobody here wants to see people displaced from there homes. RELAX.
  5. hey 212wrench do you have a helicopter to offer at all??? I heard a few 212's are on the way.
  6. who's your daddy, I think you missed my whole point, my point was and is there are alot of bad attitudes out there, and believe me I have come across them and so has my chief pilot who is very well know in the industry and knows what it takes to run a good operation. I can't speak for the companies out there that take advantage of these people. I was taken advantage of as a 100 hr guy and worked my tail off, and let me tell you, I should have went to the labour board at some point. I don't know what the answer is. I just feel that some of the newbies expect a little to much to startrt
  7. hey who's your mommy, dont go and tell me what my company gives guys and if they pay over time and after 8hrs, do you get payed for working over 8hrs a day. dand I dont get over time, hmm, Our company payes the 100hrs guys what they are worth and that is a low time 100hr guy or gal, they have meals payed for lodging and miles travel in there own cars, they may not have a the highest hourly rate for a pilot without much expierence but they just dont seem to get it, that a guy needs to build up that flight time, put in some effort and be able to cancel those plans he or she had to go flying,
  8. This is a great forum, it has really helped me confirm what I have been hearing over the past few months talking to alot of 100hr guys. I thought it was just a few but something is really wrong here. we hire low time guys and have a hard time getting them to work longer then 5 days, they think they need 2 days off every 5 days and not work any longer then 8hrs a day and should be moving up the ladder faster after only flying 6 months. Where is this attitude coming from. They just seem like they are living in a fantasy world, sound like a bunch of spoiled babies and sad to say it but the
  9. Hours don't mean anything as far as I'm concerned, I know some guys that are teaching that should be in the bush flying because they are terrible instructors, then I know some guys that have no bush time and are very good at teaching. Look at the reputation of the school that will tell you alot.
  10. This picture does not lie 212wrench. Just seems like a bad decision, who ever took the picture and put it up should be hunted down, that was not a cool move who ever did it. Believe me Im sure 407d is ready it all right now, he might not be posting but is reading. Well off to move some drills for a few hours.
  11. A 407 sitting on top of a hanger, I think is a little compromising.
  12. I agree 100% it is sad but some of us have to remain silent on our identity. This site is great and we can all help one another out, but some of the boss's believe we are helping the competition when we do it. What a joke.
  13. Heard Alpine MGT told a few of there people to stay clear of the forum as to much info has been passed over it along with certain pictures that aren't to smart to post, I'm sure he is still reading the posts.
  14. Try Kitchner areo, Give them a chance they are just getting the Helmet section of there operation going, it will take a bit of time, I tried to deal with trans areo last week to get a new helmet and it was like pulling teeth not to mention the guy at the other oend of the phone talked to me like I was 3yrs old. Whats up with that, Only my boss talks to me that way. Joking aside, avoid trans areo.
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