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  1. You can always leave. Is someone holding a gun to your head. Send your address and we will send you help.
  2. You will also need to include paying WCB in whatever provinces you work. You get hurt or God forbid worse you wont be covered on the company plans for WCB and Insurance.
  3. Typical Vertical. Can never seem to get thru a topic without bickering. No one on this site is entitled to an opinion without someone either putting them down or name calling.
  4. Not sure fixed wing is a great option right now either.
  5. Great Slave was Started by Rod and Allen would. I believe their first Machine was BFH. The worked out of a small hanger in Yellowknife until they out grew it. They then moved into the Echo Bay hanger. They worked closely with Echo Bay helping support Echo Bay 206. Eventually Echo Bay sold their helicopter to GSH and John Buchlandt went with it. John stayed with GSH until Adam started Acasta. I believe John is now there.
  6. With the markets the way they are i am thinking Fires maybe the only hope this Summer. I am sure funding is drying up for exploration and everything else.
  7. TwinOtterFan go and do what your heart tells you to do. Not sure if some people on this forum just need to get out of aviation. I personally love the North. I know a pile of Fixed and Rotary pilots that have spent their whole career flying in the North and still love it. Thank god for these people as the North would be nothing without them. If everyone took DGP advise and left the north there would be No jobs in the South and the North would die.
  8. Wow that's the pot calling the kettle black. You may want to go back and read this topic from the start. No wonder people are sick of this industry.
  9. You guys are hilarious. Helicopter crashes in Kaui and kills 7 and not a post or comment. Someone asks about becoming a helicopter pilot and there is 5 pages and 40 comments. What a screwed up forum.
  10. The beauty is his love of having his picture taken has caught up to him
  11. It won’t be long and Halloween will be abolished. God knows if you dress up you may upset some ethnic race. Hope the no one ever finds out when I was a kid I played cowboys and Indians. Some days I was a cowboy shooting Indians. Other days I was an Indian shooting at cowboys.
  12. This is confusing. Great slave decade Bankruptcy 1 year ago. So is this the Old GSH declaring bankruptcy 1 week ago our the now GSH. Date and time of bankruptcy: Date of trustee appointment: Meeting of creditors: Chair: July 08, 2019, 14:28 July 08, 2019 July 24, 2019, 14:00
  13. I have been having issues with some of my Garmin. I have a 396, 496 for aviation and a 420S for boating. All of these units are having trouble picking up satellites. Anyone else having issues.
  14. This is more likely why it was extended.
  15. So did they are didn't they. Is this just another heard from a friend that heard from a friend that heard from another. A press release our something would be nice.
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