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  1. just looking

    Hydro Contract

    This is more likely why it was extended.
  2. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    There are a lot of entitled people in this industry now.
  3. just looking

    Great Slave

    So did they are didn't they. Is this just another heard from a friend that heard from a friend that heard from another. A press release our something would be nice.
  4. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    Oh my God give it up already people.
  5. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    Looks like a prime example of someone needing a breathalyzer on your send button.
  6. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    Not sure were you get Speculation, hearsay , gossip. I posted the article under another forum name.
  7. Sahtu is having a tough go. Didn't they crash one in March as well. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/helicopter-crash-mackenzie-mountains-1.4756130
  8. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    Sorry the last sentence should have read a 407 crashed outside of Norman wells last week and not a word on here even though it was in the news.
  9. just looking

    What is going on at delta helicopters?

    There are trolls our $hit disturbers on every forum. This topic should have never made it past page 1. My advise is don't engage. Not sure why the moderators don't look these sites when the name calling starts. I must admit this site has gone down hill. a 407 crashed outside Norman wells last year not a word on here even though it was in the news.
  10. just looking

    Pilots leaving the industry

    EXP88 i never said they feel they are hot shot at 500 hours. What i said as i have seen guys with 5000 that could not longline and guys with 500 hours that could. Twin Helix i think EXP88 answered your question. He poaches from other companies. He doesn't look at anyone with less then 2,000 hours. Let someone bare the risk and cost of training low timers. This is becoming a typical attitude in this industry Then he can blame on customer requirements.
  11. just looking

    Pilots leaving the industry

    First of 2,000 hours flying tours and to the same well sites day after day does not necessarily make you a better pilot. If you cannot figure out the feel and systems on a machine at 200 hours 500 may not help much. I know pilots with 5,000 hours that scare the crap out of drillers on a long line. I have also seen pilots with 500 hours total time fly a long line that impress’s every one they work with. I have also witnessed guys with well over 2,000 hours that couldn’t think for themselves in the bush. Some operators like to claim 2,000 hours is an insurance requirement. I don’t know an insurance company that will not sell you insurance based on Total time. They will give you a better rate if you guarantee High Total time minimums. Some companies use the high minimums to recruit from other countries. They put out advertisements hoping no one will apply. No applications our unqualified applications make it easy to get Visa for out of country pilots. I wonder how quick companies would drop their minimums if the Federal Government refused all Visa for pilots. The moral why not hire people based on their ability not their hours. How do you expect people to get 2,000 hours and learn if know one wants to hire them until they have 2,000 hours.
  12. just looking

    Pilots leaving the industry

    Sorry i have to disagree. New pilots are defiantly lined up. However companies are asking for rediculous PIC time like 2,000 TT and 500 on type. Low timers can't get jobs as they don't have the hours.
  13. just looking

    Customer Service Reps

    I thought it was just me that couldn't figure out what brought on this rant.
  14. just looking

    Pilots leaving the industry

    I don't believe there is any price fixing in this industry. Its a dog eat dog industry. Besides price fixing is called Collusion and thats illegal. The only way its legal is if you call it OPEC then its legal.
  15. Anyone hear if this has been awarded. One would think by now it has been with the start date of June 1/18 Air Ambulance (helicopter & fixed wing) - BC Ambulance ServiceThe Emergency and Health Services Commission (BCEHS), represented by the BC Ambulance Service (BCAS), provides emergency and transfer air transportation services through contracted dedicated and ancillary air carriers, operating both fixed and rotary wing Aircraft, throughout British Columbia (BC). The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals for the supply and operation of 12 hours per day 7 days per week dedicated multi-engine helicopter air evacuation air ambulance service with the possibility of expansion to a 24 hours 7 days per week service at some point during the contract term. This service is to be based in Kamloops BC for the transport of patients primarily within Cariboo Shuswap Thompson, Okanagan and Kootenay Boundary areas of BC commencing on or about June 1, 2018, for a possible term of up to twelve (12) years. All amendments to the associated notice, including amended documents, plans and specifications (where applicable), are issued on BC Bid. MERX asks that you refer to the BC Bid notice for these amendments. MERX stipulates that potential bidders may also be required to register with the buying authority as a bidder/plan taker. The contact information can be found within the notice abstract.