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  1. Grand Canyon Crash

    News just updated 3 dead 4 survivors.
  2. Grand Canyon Crash

    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/at-least-three-killed-in-grand-canyon-helicopter-tour-crash/ar-BBIYuOv?li=AAggFp5 Sad news RIP
  3. Freak, my post isn't directed at anyone specific. The post is how i feel about the industry which in "my opinion" has tanked. There is very little work and everyone from employers down is doing what they have to so they can survive.
  4. This industry has tanked. We can blame it all on ****** employers whom want to pay crappy wages. But the true fact is it is it is a matter of survival not just for pilots but also employers that employe the following. Pilots, AME, DOM, Chief pilot, Opps Manager, Accountants, Sales etc. The fact is there is no work. you can bid jobs for nothing to keep cash flow our fold up shop and let everyone go. Personally i get a charge out of all the major Oil and Gas as well as mineral companies. They all come in with high priced consultants telling them what they need. New iron high time pilots top notch SMS etc. Then they go out to bid and the only thing that truly matters is how low will you go. The oil and gas industry 15 years ago said they won't use 212's any longer. They want 412 10 years our newer. Yet they still use 212 and if you bid a 5 year contract with a 412 9 years old thats just fine its not 10 years old. The fact is the only give a dam about one thing how low will you go. Keep blaming the employers who re finance there homes etc to try and keep their companies alive. the fact is they would be better off closing up shop laying everyone off and go driving truck our running heavy equipment.
  5. ORNGE Crash

    I believe both pilots were IFR rated. There are Helicopters and Fixed wing that depart nightly with pilots only holding night ratings and a lot of them depart into the dark away from lights. Almost none of them us our have access to NVG. They all depart and return There is this thing called CRM for 2 crew environment. First thing they teach you is in every pre flight briefing you need to decide in the event of an emergency who will fliy the aircraft and who will trouble shot the problem. I can’t help but wonder if both pilots got fixated on a problem and forgot to fly the aircraft.
  6. ORNGE Crash

    Thanks Shakey we will agree to disagree. I can say it is sure nice to engage in a conversation with someone that doesn't get into name calling when they disagree with an opinion.
  7. ORNGE Crash

    Shakey don't get me wrong. There were a lot of shady stuff went on at Ornge. However i don't believe there was a gun held to the crews head to go out flying that night. They obviously felt they were up to the task and had the rating to do so. This from the accident summary says it all. Why did Transport let this go on so long if they knew what was going on. Why did this accident happen? The causes of this accident went well beyond the actions of this flight crew. As the crew turned toward Attawapiskat that night, they were turning into an area of total darkness, devoid of any ambient or cultural lighting—no town, no moon, no stars. With no way to maintain visual reference to the surface, they would have had to transition to flying by instruments. Although both pilots were qualified according to the regulations, they lacked the necessary night- and instrument-flying proficiency to safely complete this flight. It was the role of the operator, Ornge RW, to ensure that the crew was operationally ready for that flight. However, the pilots had not received sufficient and adequate training to prepare them for the challenges they faced that night. Nor did the company's standard operating procedures (SOPs) address the hazards specific to night operations. Compounding this was the issue of insufficient resources, and inexperienced personnel in key positions, which led to some company policies being bypassed and, ultimately, a sub-optimal crew pairing that night. Transport Canada (TC), meanwhile, was aware that Ornge RW was struggling to comply with regulations and company requirements. However, the training and guidance provided to TC inspectors led to inconsistent and ineffective surveillance. In particular, despite clear indications that Ornge RW lacked the necessary resources and experience to address issues that had been identified months before the accident, TC's approach to dealing with a willing operator allowed non-conformances and unsafe practices to persist.
  8. ORNGE Crash

    Always amazes me how Management should be hung in some peoples opinion. Mine is no one held a gun to anyones head to fly.
  9. Companies Going Under?

    If you don't hear a good rumour by 10 AM then you should start one.
  10. Is This A Flying Position

    It appears you are a right fighter. As i mentioned along time ago obviously the people that posted this ad agreed as they changed the ad to say Ground Crew.There is no use discussing this our anything else with you as its obvious you believe your opinion is the only opinion that counts. If you don't think i am right then look up your replies on this site. Regardless I am done with this topic.
  11. Is This A Flying Position

    Freewheel i also have no idea who you are and personally i don't care. As I said in more then one post Kudos to anyone willing to take on a low timer and give him a shot. There is nothing wrong with working hard to work your way up the ladder. The problem i have is if you want ground crew then say you want ground crew. There is nothing wrong with saying we encourage low time commercial helicopter pilots to apply for this position along with all the other qualifications they asked for. It is obvious this company was hoping a low timer would apply our they would have not advertised in a helicopter forum for a truck driver.
  12. Is This A Flying Position

    I think we can all agree. Everyone has to start somewhere. The odds of going direct entry are slim to zero. Hard work never hurt anyone. What i had an issue with is the job posting said 100 hour pilot. Obviously the owners understood what i was getting at as they changed the ad to ground crew position. Any 100 hour guy truly trying to get a start in this industry would and should apply that i agree with. Kudos to this company and anyone giving low timers a break to try and get some stick time. Enough said about this.
  13. Is This A Flying Position

    I would rather hire one that has good hands and feet. I don't care were they worked. I have seen more then 1 100 hour guy with great hands and feet that had no choice but to work outside the industry before they got their chance. I have also seen more then one that have been kept around companies that i wouldn't let drive my vehicle. They were kept around and stayed cause there was always that golden carrot. Unfortunately after years of being let go they never progressed past ramp duties and ferrying machines all with the promise of we should get you going next year. So what would you call that. Regardless i see nothing in the ad promising any flying its all about the following. So why even say must be a 100 hour pilot. Alberta Applicators certificate (Don't need oneto fly) Clean drivers licence (Don't need one to Fly) Strong work ethic (Always Nice to have no matter what your doing) Mechanically Inclined (Isn't that the AME job) Good problem solving skills (Always nice to have no matter what your doing)
  14. Is This A Flying Position

    I have never seen a direct entry job. Ariel spraying is specialized work. I doubt if the main pilot gets sick they will say there you go have at it and show us what you can do. Regardless not sure why anyone would have to have a Commercial helicopter licence with 100 hours to do this job. If this guy is really going to give him a start and get him a pile of ferry hours for working hard, I say good for him. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  15. So what do you think about this. Is it a flying position our just away to exploit another 100 hour guy. Appears to me by the ad there is no need to be a pilot. Buffalo Aerial Services is looking for hard working, motivated 100 hrs pilots for the up and coming 2017 aerial spay season. No experience needed just the will to learn and work hard. Applicant must have: Alberta Applicators certificate Clean drivers licence Strong work ethic Mechanically Inclined Good problem solving skills Season will run July 15th to mid September. If interested please send resume to buffaloaerial@telus.net