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    Ummm.... Helicopters??
  1. The USAF CSAR-X project is also on the chopping block...
  2. Part of the reason so many agencies are going to the EC120 (especially here in the US) is because it is air conditioned and quieter than a 206. Give me the old 5 hondo though...
  3. Boeing sold the MD to MD helicopters, but kept the right to market the 5 hondo to military customers. MD builds the ships, then Boeing mods them to contract specs. There is an "international" version of the AH/MH-6 coming that is gonna fulfill the army's need.
  4. That pilot, Rob Marshall, is one of the best out there. I used to work for a while at a FBO in Sacramento, CA when Rob worked at the station there. He is an AWESOME pilot and a great reporter. He always had his dog Dylan with him. Last year, Dylan had to be put to sleep. I have NEVER seen a dog love to fly like Dylan did.
  5. Just like the 120.. the rotor even spins the WRONG way.
  6. Wreckage has been found with one body- the flight nurse.
  7. I work for the company that operates this BK117. There has been no information lately...doesn't look good.
  8. I saw one of those just the other day, and man is it UGLY. It's got this stupid looking bassakwards exhaust stack on it. Plus, the incredible slow starting T53 is just better. Not the best picture, but here is one. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/0922390/L/
  9. I think the 212 nose is/was an option on the 210.
  10. Thats why you can hear a huey coming from 5 million miles out, but when it passes, you only hear the tail rotor.
  11. Yea, tell me about it. My pop in law is a ASTAR guy for the lifenet program in AZ. Before AM bought out RMH, it was a great place to work. Now, their turnover rate is through the roof! It's too bad, CJ is a well managed company. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
  12. First RMH, now CJ systems... how sad. :down: :down: :down: :down: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070731/latu172.html?.v=4
  13. if anyone is interested, here is a video that I just found of the last seconds of the ASTAR... WARNING! It's not really graphic, but your heart will sink! http://www.breitbart.tv/html/3645.html
  14. HUEY! wop wop wop wop wop wop wop wop wop wop
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