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  1. Hi There, On average, how long do you think it takes to pay off your CPL? Just thought I'd open up a can of worms….. Thanks in advance!
  2. And that was it?! What are you doing now? I have read that MVH actively help students with placement. (The carrot, right?)
  3. Hey Justin44, Have you found work? There seems to be a lot of pessamistic out there! How much did you end up spending on the training?
  4. Hi, Ive been looking into doing my CPHL in the Calgary area. LR and MV have popped out art me as possible schools. I will hopefully be in the area in June to go and see the schools. Any advice? I see that LR has a mentorship program. Has anyone had experience with this? Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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