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  1. I see an operator in Vernon, BC has their building up for lease and the lights are off.
  2. In the Monashees it is steep and deep.... So deep the guests are complaining. Haven't seen this much snow and rain in the last ten years.
  3. It doesn't really matter. NLC is more heli oriented and BCIT is moving that way as well. SAIT is more geared for Airline or corperate work but has graduated many skilled helicopter folks. (I went there and have worked in the helicopter industry for 16 yrs). Look at the location for starters and where you can afford to live. Best of luck as you start your new adventure.
  4. 407 driver, what about elmo. he must be getting up there. talkin' about one of the good guys.
  5. we carry two lines. A 100' which we use for the bucket only and 150' (100 & a50) which we only use as the long line.
  6. In southern California they use belly tanks because you cannot drop them. you aslo can refuel from a hydrant or a water tender.
  7. I really don't care much about who uses what tools, and I am not a big snap-on fan however snap-on makes the best tourqe wrench and you do pay for it.
  8. wish you well. all above are good advice. I have been doing this for 16 years and all I can add is everytime i look in my box i think "what the heck am i carrying that around for?". sure enough next tour I find out why! lol
  9. The soloy conversion has a stab bar. Hot refuelled many a time a 47T with that stab bar whirlling over my head. Sure don't miss that.
  10. Heard he skiied into a slow down sign at big white and bust an arm.
  11. What can you do with a one armed cyclic monkey. Heard you had a wing clipped, hope you are back up and about soon.
  12. Nice ride Firehawk. It should be the best, nicest etc. did you even break 50hrs this sommer?
  13. If you are just starting out Sears, Canadian Tire and Princess Auto are your best bets. Snap On is overrated and overpriced. The only Snap on you should by are there torque wrenches. The rest can be bought from other suppliers a lot cheaper, with the same warranties, and just as good of guaility. Also be warned that snap on 1/4" 12 deep sockets have a ridge in them( the machining for the 12 point doen't go all the way to the bottom of the socket) this will cause the socket to ride up on the stud. SK and Gray are machined all the way through and do not have this problem. To understand the
  14. when doing the mosquito spray thing in Edmonton land for breakfast behind the Mr. Johns' on the calgary trail for breaky. nobody cared as nobody even noticed 3-206s parked behind it.
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