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  1. Dunno who you're working for but the guys I'm with have never even hinted at something like that. Schedule has been pretty solid and pay is always on time.
  2. Jeez shakey for someone who hates foreign workers you're pretty keen to steal a local's job in Africa.
  3. Howdy all, I've seen it making the rounds in the past, but there's a powerpoint file out there that has some good animations what your gauges will look like for emergencies in the 212/412. Wondering if anyone has access to it and would be willing to share?
  4. With the $45 postage it comes to around 630 CAD. Just seems a lot of dinero for what it is really but I guess they have the market cornered right now.
  5. Ah nice one. Good info there, cheers. Anyone got any experience actually flying while wearing one? Pretty restrictive on the ol' breath but I guess you'd get used to it. Just did a test fit with my old 3M respirator and it seems to fit nicely under the helmet, but I don't know if the mic will be able to pick any sound up through the exhale valve.
  6. Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Saw this got released in the last few days. Thoughts? Anyone got any experience with P100 masks and wildfire smoke? I know the world is sold out of this kind of stuff right now but charging $34 USD for the filters is a bit rough... They're just standard Honeywell P100 filters. But I guess if you've got the stock you've got the powwwwaaahhh. https://tigerperformance.com/parts-accessories/aviation-accessories/tiger-respirator-masks/
  7. Maybe aim for an LH250 because they're a lot easier to source second hand and also easier to sell down the track. Just remove the outer visor and cover and it's basically an LH050 with the option of going back to dual visor should you want to. Merit occasionally have second hand helmets in stock too so might be worth getting in touch with Rob Hamers and seeing what he's got. Super friendly guy that has amazing after-sales support. I got a killer deal on an LH250 with no outer visor.
  8. Something to add to this, if you have any thoughts of working in the US on forestry down there at any point, the DOI are in the process of re-doing their list of approved helmets. Merit apparel are going through the testing process (at their own expense) to make sure the Gallet helmets will be all approved, but I'd be surprised if Northwall or any of the smaller companies will go to the same expense. It's essentially a big fight with Gentex, who currently supply all the helmets for the military. They've been trash talking everyone else and moving the goalposts regarding certification. Just something to throw into the mix regarding your future purchase. I use a LH250 with the outer visor removed, so essentially a 050. It's great. EDIT: Typo
  9. There's a few Canadian ships down there running PW engines. I'm sure they're benefiting too. Fire agencies are months behind on paying most operators, that's alot of debt to carry. Good on them for helping out.
  10. Just weighed my LH250 with the outer visor removed, Soother liner, Soother ear cups, CEP, and a bail out cord. And of course a couple of stickers to make it go faster. 1150 grams.
  11. Pulling this one back from the dead. Looking into a new helmet, anyone had any experience with these guys? I've heard Northwall is a nice helmet, just wondering if having a Canadian contact is making life easier.
  12. Tried the open bypass, no joy. Thinking we might have to just rock the paper charts.
  13. Hi all, Working for a company now that runs a b3 fleet with AFS filters. Having issues getting them to pass the inbuilt VEMD power checks, but I'm assured that it's just a calculation error in the software and that they're making power. Guys saying just take it up to 8-10k and it'll pass but that's all well and good on a clear day, no joy when it's garbage out. Client has a requirement for aircraft to pass a power check weekly/25 hrs, so wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and has any input? Edit: just to clarify, fleet is 2B1 and 2D engines.
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