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  1. Hey how about those cool old photos eh?
  2. Just weighed my LH250 with the outer visor removed, Soother liner, Soother ear cups, CEP, and a bail out cord. And of course a couple of stickers to make it go faster. 1150 grams.
  3. Pulling this one back from the dead. Looking into a new helmet, anyone had any experience with these guys? I've heard Northwall is a nice helmet, just wondering if having a Canadian contact is making life easier.
  4. Tried the open bypass, no joy. Thinking we might have to just rock the paper charts.
  5. Hi all, Working for a company now that runs a b3 fleet with AFS filters. Having issues getting them to pass the inbuilt VEMD power checks, but I'm assured that it's just a calculation error in the software and that they're making power. Guys saying just take it up to 8-10k and it'll pass but that's all well and good on a clear day, no joy when it's garbage out. Client has a requirement for aircraft to pass a power check weekly/25 hrs, so wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and has any input? Edit: just to clarify, fleet is 2B1 and 2D engines.
  6. Going to propose this to the boss. Anyone else had any experience with these? Worth the upgrade? Not a huge fan of the lack of shoulder harness when I'm out the bubble, but it's the only way currently.
  7. Looking at a new helmet and wondering if anyone has put a Lightspeed Zulu headset into an LH050. I'm currently running this setup in my LH350 but looking for a change. I've been told the ear cups won't fit in the 050 by one of the companies that sells them and just want to be sure. I just pulled the headband off the headset and velcro'd in the ear cups. Works a treat in the 350.
  8. Update- https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/helicopter-investigation-1.4701227
  9. I've heard mixed reviews on the EVO. Anyone had any experience with Bonehead? Specifically their Aries model helmet? I'm thinking about getting one but haven't seen one in the flesh. http://www.boneheadcomposites.com/m8/216--aries-flight-helmet-with-comms-and-integrated-visor.html
  10. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/trust-fund-for-mason
  11. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can recommend a good accountant. I fly full time in Canada for most of the year but did some contracting overseas over the winter. Hoping for someone who knows a bit about this sort of stuff, it's all a bit complicated for me. I'm based in Kelowna. Cheers
  12. If you can get one with the lock out valve, you can move air around 4 chambers and lock it in place. Helps when you're out the door all day, keeps your spine a bit straighter. I use the Roho QS99C.
  13. Not sure yet. This will be my first time doing it.
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