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  1. Well all I can say is good luck to all the VIH guys who are having to move on to new jobs. Although I didnt work for them I worked alongside many of them over the last 5 years in the stewart area and found them to be a good bunch of loyal guys, hopefully it all works out for them.
  2. Have to agree with you Deep Throat, The company I worked for did the same on occasions when the cheaper machine was unavailable or U/S. Its better that way than to send the customer down the road and let someone else take over your work. Its about service to your customer. Im sure the B2 wont be flying at 500 rates all season. You will probably see a 500 parked there before too long. Stewart has become a very popular place for helicopters and with 3 companies in town and 1 or 2 others flying contracts close to Stewart the competition has gotten strong and if you pass over the work even for
  3. Ahhh good old Stewart in the winter, Plenty of beer drinking time there when the snow starts.
  4. Practice?? Looks like he a near miss to me. Hit the water pretty hard. Bet he went and cleaned his underpants out after that one. Would like to see more of the video to see if the other one did any "practice water landings" Got Lucky I say.
  5. L3, the visas that you get when you are under 31 only last for 1 year but there is some type of extension you can apply for another year. Through other processes I think you can get additional visas also ( as long as you are still under 31). The sponsered visa system through a company can last up to 3 years (at least thats the most ive heard of so there could be longer ones) Im not sure how the Immigration people work out weather a person gets 1,2 or 3 years,maybe it depends on what the company says in the application forms, Ive never seen one. The visa states that you cannot work for an
  6. I think one of the reasons that some foriegn guys still hold positions is because they have been long time employees of the companies. If a foreigner still holds a current visa then why would a company let them go in favour of a canadian pilot. Remember they have probably invested a fair amount of time and money into them. Hiring someone new to the company would probably cost more time and money which unfortunately some companies dont really have. And of course theres the old saying better the devil you know than the one you dont. Another thing to add is that it wasnt all that long ag
  7. Already been said way back at the start but Dave Reid. A great friend who I miss. Especially now its coming back to the time when I normally got to hang out and work with him. For those who were close to him not sure if youve seen the incredible tribute video that the good folk at Equity engineering made after his accident. I have the link if you want to PM me. Most have probably seen it. Its a great Tribute to him. Another who passed last year in PNG was Richard Crooks (Crooky). A few who might know him from working for VIH in the 2006 season.
  8. Spent a coulple of days there with my employer. Was my first time there but going by what alot of others were saying it was very quiet in terms of confirmed projects, confirmed money and signing of contracts. Talked to a couple of people who Ive worked with in the past that have some money to spend this season but not as much as past years. Heard a couple of stories of some Geo companies still owing money form last season. Lots of Geologists there looking for work and the odd 100hr pilot wandering around. General consensus was not to expect big things this year but we already know t
  9. So ummm could the same thing be said about Canadian helicopter companies expanding globaly. There are a number of Canadian companies with machines in the states and many other countrys for that matter and we always seem to hear more of it happening all the time. Not only are they are taking jobs away from some people from other counties because they send crews from canada to fly these machines but they are taking work away from existing in country companies.
  10. That looks like the helipad and scenery from the old Hamathko camp. Is Chuck (I think thats his name) still running the show there?
  11. Heres a little something for those who are giving out their sad stories and think that life is so tough and everyone else is doing so much better. I think you'll get the message. Sorry I couldnt help myself
  12. After having the pleasure of chatting to Skully I,m fully convinced that I want to fly one of these. (PS were still having fun in your B2 Paul :punk: )
  13. How right you are (gee were you there?). She told me that the cops wernt finished with me yet and wanted to talk to me still. I spent the next month worrying about it and of course it never eventuated. I think she may have made that up so Id keep my nose clean for a while. (HMMM conned by my own mother ) My older brother and his 3 car loads of mates and girlfriends thought it was pretty funny too when they arrived. I think somebody tipped them off. (MUM :angry: )
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