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  1. Hello, do you still have your 296 for sale?

    1. BigSkyHeli



      Yes I do.

      if your interested, feel free to call me.




  2. Crewing is the biggest expense in most VFR operations never mind IFR operations, so with smaller helicopters more crew more expense more bases more cost. I think my thoughts on costing 8 to 10 million per year is a bit light, just when you look at how much infrastructure you need to run a around the clock service, really at the end of the day I don't believe the 139 is wrong helicopter for the mission. So to answer your question to run 34 light twins I would guess 340 million USD.
  3. We would be looking at 8 to 10 million per year per aircraft to meet your requirement, when you look at capital, maintenance, crewing, overhead etc, these things don't fly for free.
  4. So really if there is noting in the cars on dual controls and passengers in a 703 operation what is the problem?? The only agencys that want the duals removed fron Bell 204/205/212/412 aircraft are certain provincal fire programs.
  5. Have you changed your FCU lately, is your FCU topping set for 105N1 or greater?
  6. Your numbers look good, what is your N1 at 7000 feet?
  7. I do wish we could have a extended Christmas break. I think Campbell is the employer of choice.
  8. Well it still is the Christmas season, closed for the holidays.
  9. I Would not pay for the HAC also waste of money.
  10. Has any one heard that a Bell 205 rolled off maintenance jack's in Alberta in the last few day's?
  11. nothing better to do ?

  12. Heli-Conversions Inc STC SH91-38 Installation of 212 main rotor blades on Bell 205A-1.
  13. Harmonic Vibe is 110% correct on the 205A-1++ except the internal gross weight is 10200 lbs. The 212 can't even hope to keep up. The 412 is just a dog who cannot keep up to the 212.
  14. No action yet, it's a late start, we have been on in Ont many times in April but not this year.
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