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  1. Crewing is the biggest expense in most VFR operations never mind IFR operations, so with smaller helicopters more crew more expense more bases more cost. I think my thoughts on costing 8 to 10 million per year is a bit light, just when you look at how much infrastructure you need to run a around the clock service, really at the end of the day I don't believe the 139 is wrong helicopter for the mission. So to answer your question to run 34 light twins I would guess 340 million USD.
  2. We would be looking at 8 to 10 million per year per aircraft to meet your requirement, when you look at capital, maintenance, crewing, overhead etc, these things don't fly for free.
  3. So really if there is noting in the cars on dual controls and passengers in a 703 operation what is the problem?? The only agencys that want the duals removed fron Bell 204/205/212/412 aircraft are certain provincal fire programs.
  4. Have you changed your FCU lately, is your FCU topping set for 105N1 or greater?
  5. Your numbers look good, what is your N1 at 7000 feet?
  6. I do wish we could have a extended Christmas break. I think Campbell is the employer of choice.
  7. Well it still is the Christmas season, closed for the holidays.
  8. I Would not pay for the HAC also waste of money.
  9. Has any one heard that a Bell 205 rolled off maintenance jack's in Alberta in the last few day's?
  10. Heli-Conversions Inc STC SH91-38 Installation of 212 main rotor blades on Bell 205A-1.
  11. Harmonic Vibe is 110% correct on the 205A-1++ except the internal gross weight is 10200 lbs. The 212 can't even hope to keep up. The 412 is just a dog who cannot keep up to the 212.
  12. No action yet, it's a late start, we have been on in Ont many times in April but not this year.
  13. Guardian helicopters is super busy.
  14. They have really cool helicopters. Also they have life all figured out, work the summer in Canada on fires, then vacation down south all winter. I am really jealous.
  15. Bell roll it to the right, Eurocopter AS350 roll it to the left.
  16. Cam and Zonk are going to fly to Qwest Yacht in California and land on it.
  17. I am sure GK is having a good laugh at the whole thing as he is sitting on his own 100ft yacht in the Bahamas.
  18. Sounds like a issue between the local helicopter company and the owner of the hanger.
  19. The problem with people is they have way too much time on their hand's. Did anyone ever think that yes the contractor in question did have permission from the owner of the hanger to plug in? By the way the local operator does not own the hanger in question, a construction company does. The contractor does have permission to plug in. The contractor in question also has done very well for himself over the last 15 years, I really do admire him, he has taking many contracts in our own back yard, but so what, he is not the only one. The bottom line is bid what you can live with and don't cry when someone else spanks you.
  20. If the helicopter is owned outright and you don't have to pay hull on the insurance? Why can't you make money at $944.00. This is a real question.
  21. If you look at the photo of the Dart large window and compare it to the others you will see what I am talking about. The area you need to see out of is to the right hand side as the helicopter hovers right skid low. Many of these window have a lot of glass under the seat and not far up the right hand side, (you can not see past the seat) which is a waste of time.
  22. The problem with the Chinook window and the ECL window is they are both to far down the belly, the Dart large window is higher up the side of the belly. We use the small Dart window and place it as high as we can on the belly panel. Yes we do have a aircraft with the Chinook window, also we move drills and bags with both windows.
  23. Two years with Double R, At least 150 meters per hour drilling.
  24. We are looking down a 10 to 20 year road before improvement just like 1981.
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