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  1. RMH was at one point a huge company doing both utility and EMS. They built a lot of the power lines in the Rocky Mountains, setting the towers and pulling the wire. They also did work up in Alaska. They eventually got bought by Air Methods. Back in the day they operated all sorts of ships including Lamas, Alouettes, S-61's, 500's, etc.
  2. Dear All, I will be flying my first season of heliskiing this winter and need some advise on eyewear. I've rarely flown in snow and have just been wearing my prescription glasses under my helmet and using the dark visor over them when it's sunny out. Another pilot told me that I should get some amber lenses to help see contrast in the snow, so I ordered an amber visor for my helmet. Before I could install it, someone else told me orange was much better for snow ops and that amber didn't do much for contrast and was only really useful under low-light conditions. I called Gibson and Bar
  3. See Topic: ANR in SPH-5. It's just a few posts before your post. Skidz mentioned that someone installed a Bose X in a SPH-5 helmet, but that it was difficult. Maybe he can shed more light on the subject for you.
  4. I actually did that and sat on a stack of rags for the afternoon. My teeth were chattering from the vibrations I was getting through the airframe. It became a choice between crooked back or rattling teeth. I alternated between the seat and the stack of rags for awhile before giving up and just living with the seat.
  5. Can you do this with any type of ANR system? For example, could I do Bose instead? What is the procedure?
  6. Does anyone know of a company in the Vancouver area that can install ANR on a SPH-5 Helmet? Flight Suits in California said it would take at least 2 weeks and I only get two weeks off at a time, so didn't want to risk being called back to work with my helmet still in the shop. Since I live in Seattle, I thought I might be able to drive my helmet up to BC if there was a shop up there that could do the modification. Thanks for any input!
  7. pc12dude, I am not taking any herbal medication, but am open to trying alternative medicine. I've noticed a multitude of herbal remedies online. A number of people have also suggested I try acupuncture. I don't have any illusions that there is a cure for tinnitus, but it sounds like some of these alternatives may provide some relief. To Everyone Who Responded: Thank you so much for your input. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone with this condition and that you all have learned to cope with it in your own way and continue enjoying life. I tend to let my mind
  8. Tree, Do you attribute your tinnitus to helicopter noise? -Groundresonance
  9. Fellow Pilots, I've been experiencing a mild ringing in my ears for the last few weeks, which I've come to know as a condition called Tinnitus. I first started noticing a faint noise when sitting in a quiet space about a year and a half ago. This also coincides with when I started flying turbine helicopters on a daily basis instead of just once a week. Why the condition has worsened in the last few weeks is a mystery as I am back to flying turbines approximately once a week again. Though Tinnitus can be caused by repeated exposure to noise, it can also be caused by aging, genetics, or
  10. I am not a medium pilot, so know very little about the 210, but I do know that one of the companies down here in the Seattle area sent two of their Hueys to Bell to be converted to 210s before the program fell apart. As far as I know, their two Hueys were two of only three to be sent to Bell and they are still sitting there in Texas with no news as to if or when they will be completed.
  11. About a year ago, I saw a video of a helicopter (AStar?) backing up into another helicopter (EC120?). It looked like it might've been one of the companies in the GOM. The stinger on the first helicopter came to rest on the windscreen of the second helicopter and it just sat there as they shut down. Does anyone know where I can find this video again?
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