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  1. "But then we are not as smart as you are." Hybrid Well said!
  2. I kinda like Shakey's definition of a Liberal.... Hybrid clearly you have bought into the Trickledown theory if you think the Resource Industry is paying teachers wages. With the Conservative strategy of reducing Corporate Tax/Royalty and adding Subsidy the big players in the Resource sector are contributing next to nothing compared to income, the real payers of teachers salaries comes from the workers of the Resource Industry. When Industry pays lower and lower taxes and is subsidised every year where do you think the money comes from? Looks like you haven't got past the headlines in the
  3. I think you mis-read my reference to communism, gay marriage, and tax and spend, ...it is a talking point used by the right to fear monger the low information voter to demonize the left. What is a typical liberal , hybrid? Is that someone who reads a newspaper and doesn't get stuck trying to get the joke in the peanuts strip?
  4. ABC hybrid....Anything But Conservative.....it is more than just foreign workers ...his strategy of eliminating or ignoring science, demonizing anything or anyone who opposes him, and limiting debate in the house has sent a message to the world that this Government may not be on the up and up with their sales of Alberta's Tarsands. Unfortunately Stephen has put ALL of Canada's eggs in this economic basket and his own handling of it may be why Keystone and Northern Gateway never get built. Their announcement of downgrading Humpback whales from endangered species list yesterday, at a time when t
  5. The Conservatives know that 25% of the people are completely brain dead stupid and 10% can easily be swayed by the old standards of Communism, Tax and Spend, Gay Marriage, and some references to the Bible and they quickly have 35%. Maybe Pierre Poilierve could make one more change in his Fair Election Act and eliminate the secret ballot, then Canadians could actually see the truly stupid people that support this Government!
  6. So, TopFuel, if you were a welder with a B ticket and there were a lot of jobs requiring C ticket welders but, not enough C ticket welders to fill the positions, the Canadian Government should allow more welders into the country? Just because the industry doesn't want to deal with the supply and demand issues in a free market? Even tho the B ticket welder is qualified to do the job? If the B ticket welder is willing to work for the C rates that's a different issue, however if the position cannot be filled but there is a qualified person to fill the job and money is the issue, government has no
  7. There is no doubt that business moves faster than government and when business is moving, finding workers can become a problem and strangle Canadian business. The foreign worker program has been in place for over 40 years however, the Harper government has speeded up the process to as little as 10 business days and has offered a premium to business in that it is legal to pay these foreign workers 15% less than the going rate. Thankfully, a disgruntled displaced RBC worker took his story to the media and mainstream Canadians are learning what we in this industry have known for a good many years
  8. I met Brad when he was Base Manager for NMH Houston. I would frequently go over to Houston and help him out. Brad played in the local Rec Hockey league and had said to me, "next time you come over bring your gear and play." So the next time I did. Being as it is Rec Hockey it was not very serious. I can't remember if we were winning or not but the other team had a guy who was taking the game way more serious than the rest of us. We line up for a faceoff and Brad lines up against this guy, I will never forget and still laugh when I think of it. Brad says to the guy, "Buddy, there are no scouts
  9. "nobody recieves a higher perdiem than the friggin government workers." Not true HV, I worked for a company within the last few years that was contracted out to a "Bird" company based out of Toronto, that paid higher per diems. But it is good that those friggin government workers get a decent per diem, the bar has to be set, it sure doesn't get set very high in the VFR helicopter business.
  10. I am thinking of a new helmet this year, what would be the helmet of choice?
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