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  1. "But then we are not as smart as you are." Hybrid Well said!
  2. I kinda like Shakey's definition of a Liberal.... Hybrid clearly you have bought into the Trickledown theory if you think the Resource Industry is paying teachers wages. With the Conservative strategy of reducing Corporate Tax/Royalty and adding Subsidy the big players in the Resource sector are contributing next to nothing compared to income, the real payers of teachers salaries comes from the workers of the Resource Industry. When Industry pays lower and lower taxes and is subsidised every year where do you think the money comes from? Looks like you haven't got past the headlines in the teachers dispute either because if you had you would see Teachers refused in their last contract negotiation to agree to a net zero which if they were only interested in the money would have given themselves a raise taken from elsewhere in the existing budget, Teachers argued would be taking from kids, something the BC Liberals had no problem doing. So the BC Liberals appointed Charles Jago to mediate and a contract was imposed of 2 years of zero wage increase, that contract expired in June of last year, so it has now been 3 years of zero. At the same time ALL other Provincial unions agreed to a wage increase taken out of their existing budgets 3 years ago. So just to catch up to the other public sector unions in the Province, teachers should be in-line to a 4% increase for catch up not including the 3 years without the increase The BC Liberals wanted a standardised settlement in the public sector where all the public sector unions get the same wage and benefit increase if at all. However the BC Liberals didn't offer to catch up they offered 0.5% next year nothing for the year just completed without a contract and another 0.5% taken out of the existing benefit package plus 5.5% over the next 5 years and a further 5 years undisclosed which is the same offer to the other unions (however they are already 4% ahead and have had that increase 3 years now) minus the 5 year extension. Teachers are asking for 9% over 3 years retro to last year and cost of living increase. As far as your statement on Skilled Worker shortage if you have read any news at all over the last few months Hybrid you would see the Harper Conservatives ignored any statistics from StatsCan. Instead the Harper Conservatives used Kijiji and broused the want ads for their data collection to fit their agenda of offering cheap foreign labour. The data available through StatsCan did not support the Harper Conservative viewpoint that there was a significant skills shortage in Canada, therefore not supporting a foreign worker program to fill coffee mugs in Fort Mac. Maybe the Harper Conservatives should just let supply and demand play out, instead of ignoring their own data to justify a shortage that doesn't exist. As far as coffee pourers up north, nobody twisted their arms to open a coffee shop, supply and demand. Why would a Conservative like you Hybrid be all for the Government to subsidise business with cheap foreign labour? "Don't misunderstand me Winterlog, all resource extraction should be carefully debated and studied. Oil sands, fracking and global warming are serious issues that need to have serious consideration. See a conservative listens to other points of view.." Hybrid. Unfortunately that viewpoint is not shared by the Harper Conservatives that you support, Hybrid. As far as changing the political landscape.....one vote at a time! As far as Liberals being smarter....to be a Liberal means you might have to read past the headline.
  3. I think you mis-read my reference to communism, gay marriage, and tax and spend, ...it is a talking point used by the right to fear monger the low information voter to demonize the left. What is a typical liberal , hybrid? Is that someone who reads a newspaper and doesn't get stuck trying to get the joke in the peanuts strip?
  4. ABC hybrid....Anything But Conservative.....it is more than just foreign workers ...his strategy of eliminating or ignoring science, demonizing anything or anyone who opposes him, and limiting debate in the house has sent a message to the world that this Government may not be on the up and up with their sales of Alberta's Tarsands. Unfortunately Stephen has put ALL of Canada's eggs in this economic basket and his own handling of it may be why Keystone and Northern Gateway never get built. Their announcement of downgrading Humpback whales from endangered species list yesterday, at a time when these Bitumen pipes are pending is that they think paving the way to approval is helpful, they are completely stupid, or they are just that arrogant. Anyway you look at it, the World looks at that and questions whether Canada is really going to develop a Tarsands that is a worldclass environmental project, whether Canada has any moral compass with respect to environment, and is Canada operating truthfully. Whether you think hybrid, environment means anything or not is irrelevant, it is a powerful political issue that deems recognition from any Government going forward and will become a factor if you truly want to sell your wares on the world market in the years to come. Then the whole question on Tarsands becomes is it even in Canada's best economic interest...Alberta has been in the oil business for over half a century and they are running consistent deficit budgets, they have not put a dime into the Heritage Fund since 1987 and starting with Ralph Klein started to dip into that fund to help balance their budgets. There are examples of other countries around the world who have done much better. This year the Alberta Tories announced a balanced budget but added a caveat in that they will borrow an additional $20 billion to fund infrastructure (I guess that is balanced in Toryland), so the question is doing the same with borrowed money but now doing more on a National stage seems kinda stupid. I know the standard answer is that Asia is going to be our saviour because they are going to pay so much more. But really do you think that? Why would after these pipes are in place would China or anyone else pay anymore than the States, they will pay what the market will allow, putting more product on the market, well you know? We have to ship it further, how is that cheaper? China is not becoming a world economic power from being stupid. The Harper Conservative strategy of eliminating opposition, de-regulation, limit debate, subsidizing business through cutting Corp Tax/Royalty expecting Trickledown, while in the meantime Canadians are still waiting for that Trickledown. There is no doubt cutting corporate taxes and stripping regulation makes Canada busy but all busy is making Canadians is tired and broke both personally (thanks to policies like the one that started this thread which take money out of our pockets) and publically (Harper has borrowed more money than any other Government in history and Alberta I already stated, which requires cuts to services to balance taking money out of our pockets). I believe we need policies that put money in the hands of customers not huge corporations, customers create jobs by buying more of what companies have to sell, giving companies cause to expand and hire. The Conservative economic ideology doesn't work Trickledown is a myth, bought hook line and sinker by the stupid 30% that vote waiting for the Trickle. I am not against the oil industry but I do think it needs to be managed with integrity if we want to actually sell the product Globally and there needs to be an economic benefit to the public purse other than the few jobs it may create. As far as your question hybrid we Canadians could put a monkey in the PMO and we would be better off, maybe we already have!...Vote ABC ...NDP and Liberal will split the other 70% look at the polls in your riding and support the poll leader of ABC in your riding.
  5. The Conservatives know that 25% of the people are completely brain dead stupid and 10% can easily be swayed by the old standards of Communism, Tax and Spend, Gay Marriage, and some references to the Bible and they quickly have 35%. Maybe Pierre Poilierve could make one more change in his Fair Election Act and eliminate the secret ballot, then Canadians could actually see the truly stupid people that support this Government!
  6. So, TopFuel, if you were a welder with a B ticket and there were a lot of jobs requiring C ticket welders but, not enough C ticket welders to fill the positions, the Canadian Government should allow more welders into the country? Just because the industry doesn't want to deal with the supply and demand issues in a free market? Even tho the B ticket welder is qualified to do the job? If the B ticket welder is willing to work for the C rates that's a different issue, however if the position cannot be filled but there is a qualified person to fill the job and money is the issue, government has no business interfering with the free market of supply and demand! Allowing workers in to fill a void because operators are not willing to pay a qualified person for the job because the government will step in and provide an alternative is not allowing the free market to do its job. Your solution is to allow operators to continue to operate in the free market with respect to profits, but to allow the Government to step in to help out and socialize the loses. You can't have it both ways!
  7. There is no doubt that business moves faster than government and when business is moving, finding workers can become a problem and strangle Canadian business. The foreign worker program has been in place for over 40 years however, the Harper government has speeded up the process to as little as 10 business days and has offered a premium to business in that it is legal to pay these foreign workers 15% less than the going rate. Thankfully, a disgruntled displaced RBC worker took his story to the media and mainstream Canadians are learning what we in this industry have known for a good many years. Canadian business needs an avenue to access workers whether Canada can supply them or not and some sort of foreign worker program has got to be in place to meet that need. However, Harpers 15% for less foreign worker program is exactly backwards this program should be offered where the foreign workers are offered the work at the going rate with a "premium" maybe that 15%, paid by the corporation back to the Canadian people in the form of tax to fund job skills programs to deal with Canadian worker skills shortages. This does a number of things, first it reduces the incentive of cheap labour, it would only be used when absolutely needed and, it could provide funding to an education system that directly benefits those industries that clearly need the skilled help. Walking into a Tim Hortins and being served by a worker that is being paid 15% less than their colleagues is a place Canada can do far better than exploitation, no matter where they are from.
  8. I met Brad when he was Base Manager for NMH Houston. I would frequently go over to Houston and help him out. Brad played in the local Rec Hockey league and had said to me, "next time you come over bring your gear and play." So the next time I did. Being as it is Rec Hockey it was not very serious. I can't remember if we were winning or not but the other team had a guy who was taking the game way more serious than the rest of us. We line up for a faceoff and Brad lines up against this guy, I will never forget and still laugh when I think of it. Brad says to the guy, "Buddy, there are no scouts here, they left about 15 years ago!"
  9. "nobody recieves a higher perdiem than the friggin government workers." Not true HV, I worked for a company within the last few years that was contracted out to a "Bird" company based out of Toronto, that paid higher per diems. But it is good that those friggin government workers get a decent per diem, the bar has to be set, it sure doesn't get set very high in the VFR helicopter business.
  10. I am thinking of a new helmet this year, what would be the helmet of choice?
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