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  1. http://www.iris.ca/en/html/portal_E.htm Google is your friend :punk:
  2. Hello Phil, Don't be sorry about that, like I said I will go on and get your book anyway, I'm sure there's more demand english vs french. How many pages is there in the book just by curiosity? Pascal
  3. Merci pour les liens mais les livres semblent pas complet comme le livre de Phil Croucher alors je crois que je vais y aller avec le livre en anglais Thank You for the links but the books doesn't seem to be as complete as the one made by Phil Croucher so I will go with the english book Pascal
  4. Hello all, Happy to have found this website/forum where it has greatly improved my knowledge on this industry. I saw a couple post with people talking about this book which look a good head start before training. I was wondering if anyone know if there's a french version of this book? I can read and understand english but would be much easier to understand technical subjet in my primary language that's for sure. Thank You gents
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