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  1. Thanks JL it was the flapper valve. and your scenario is exactly what I diagnosed the issue as myself...prolonged forward flight the fuel all transfers forward, but in short hops or long-lining the fuel has time to level itself out..the valve was not shimmed at all, along with the rubber been deteriorated along the hing area....the ejector pump and line were checked and are clean....putting it back together today..recal and go flying....

  2. Thanks for all your help..seems we had 2 problems...one the fuel gauge was under calibrated by 100# and second upon opening the tanks the baffle in the left tank was found to be faulty...and yes GM you are right very serious problem low fuel light with 70# thinking you have 270 is not a time to be in the air...upon defueling the low fuel prob came on at 300,which because of the fuel guage calibration could have meant 200...all this takes the physiological security in ones aircraft away....this problem has been ongoing for months, the a/c doesnt fly long enough ,or enough in general for the problem to be diagnosed correctly...its going to take a few flights to get a secure feeling on this one....


    thansk again all..

  3. Hello guys..or gal..need to pick the brain of any of you med engineers...I have a fuel problem on a 205 ( the engineering crew I work with is not familiar with the machine enough to figure this one out..another topic please..LOL) heres the issue


    I was doing a cross country flight..at 1.7 hrs and 400# indicated I got a low fuel light....made it to the airport in good time..the light should come on at 270 # +/- 20...this was a long straight flight...on other occasions doing short hops with low fuel..ie in the 5 to 300 # range ..no light...


    Upon returning to base and parking for the night we defueled the AC.. at this time we found 2 things ..first the fuel gauge was not calibrated right ,,was reading 100# low...and as they defueled the light came on at 300#..I should add that also when lifting off full fuel..indicating 1300 # once airborn the gauge almost immediately drops to 1200#....


    My thought is that when I am working doing short moves the fuel is able to transfer fast enough for the system to work in sink but on the long steady flight the fuel transfer is restricted...

    should mention that the machine is equipped with dual electric pumps..what in the fuel system will restrict or slow the fuel transfer between the lower cells....????


    thanks for your help here....

  4. The best thing that worked for me was getting what are called "SILK " socks,very thin socks you wear inside your regular socks. A thin "wicking" sock and I mean thin, what you are looking for is thin socks that wick and hold the moisture, Just like the new thin long johns. Marks, Crappy tire or any outdoor store should have them...never where my feet warmer in the winter after I found this trick..change them everyday and your warm feet will thank you..

  5. Well Kevin yours and my response to each other is what makes this industry go round. The two button system works well when you are trying to manage "accidental " release. It will not work well in a highstress situation , unless you have trained over and over and over for that . Plain and simple the companies dont have the time or expense to train you, me or Billy Bob , enough to over come our instinctive reaction in an emergency. I dont have the information to quote to you, but the "experts" say we have to do a function repetatively 100's of times before it "the new way" becomes our automatic reaction. That is to say if you are flying the 2 switch set up you need too repetatively dump your belly hook in the said manner in order for it to become automatic. L3 driver tells a story of exactly what I am trying to say. The 2 button idea was derived as a quick fix to aliviate accidental release, and yes I am saying it is idiotic , as it is not safe when you are in an emergency.

    I dont know how close you have been , I can tell you I have been closer than I want anyone to be and I will stand firm one does not have time to think about extra's unless you are flying along fat dumb and happy at more than 2000 agl...I snagged a load of chokers once been chased by the Crane, and I can tell you in that instance I did not have time to think about a "T" handle one button let alone 2, the only thing that saved me then was the belly hook exploded and released on its own....I can also say I have never released a load "accidentaly " and I run live belly always,always will. have for 18 yrs.

    I dont mean to be calling you or your company an idiot, or idiotic, Just simply put the idea. If you have trained and I dont mean talked about it I mean trained for it, all the better for you and your shipmates. I do disagree with the 2 buttons been mandated, it should be pilot choice on that one.

    Gotta love the bickering, makes the industry go round.


    Fly safe...


    I will come out from behind the anonimity mask...Dave Hilpert

  6. Well another whose right discusion...LOL .Bell 205 grip as stated by others ,lowest button, ALWAYS to release. It has been proven in case and general studies that we will revert in an emergency or stress situation to a quote "Normal or instinctive reaction" no one out there has going to the emergency manual release in their head. Your instinct will point you to the electric release . If you are experiencing an emergency you will not have time to think and move your hand from the collective to the "T" handle in a 206 or reach up to the pull handle on some mediums (VIH) nor take a foot off the pedals or swing your heel side ways in the bell med. We do not train to use the emergency release we only talk about it . Our daily routine is to use the button or crawl under and do it manualy at the hook. The best and safest way is to run your belly "LIVE" and teach ourselves not to push buttons we dont need to. The use of a dual button system is plain IDIOTIC and should be banned, I personaly would not fly a helicopter set up that way. As stated above our minds can not react fast enough when they are already overloaded with dealing with the emergency at hand. The 500 by far has the best manual release in the world. (pull and its gone no thinking)


    I dont know the whole situation but a few of us are familiar with a fatal 204 accident a few yrs back . It is said that the electric release was not set up or was differant than other A/C the pilot had flown( the 204 been set up wrong) and was a contributing factor in the fatality. Another lesson not learned in this industry.


    If we go back to a basic you would find that there is a "natural " position to put the switches , the problem been that we bring into the mix our own personal choices sometimes brought on by over reaction to past situations. I hate to say it but we will prob never solve this one..Belly on the lowest switch cyclic ,remote on china hat (in a 206) or a side button top...otherwise on the collective ..

    just my 4 cents....

  7. I am looking at getting an ANR headset. I like the way Peltor fits versus the other brands, however I have heard that they are lacking in the ANR technology.


    Does anyone have first hand info on this brand/model?

    I have been wearing them for years ..love them...very light..hardly know I have it on....make sure you get the extra padded headband

  8. You Guys (and gals if appropriate) need to get a life, if you want to fly around at 30,000 ft go get an airplane lic . This is EXACTLY what drew you to helicopters no matter what age you are or were when you made the fatal mistake of getting your LIC .

    We have become such a judgmental society. The guy was having some fun. We know nothing of who was or wasnt on board,or if he did or did not do any preplanning of his little ride. The main thing is he came through the other end in one piece.

    We all have or wanted to do a similar trip in our careers, like I said its why we fly helicopters. You can get hit by a car crossing the street on Robson does that mean you stay on the side walk. No you evaluate the crossing and go for it. And you can still be hit by the guy called Murphy.He follows us around from the minute we hit the start button, does this mean we dont go flying, NO it doesnt , we plan and do the best we can with the information we have, and guess what, "####" still happens whether it was the best planned for hire flight or a joy ride to let off some of our stress from life and the job. So Relax and enjoy life, and dont add more stress to the poor guy who found a way to dump some of his, find something really serious to ***** about....Like the implamantation of SMS or some other Transport thing that is been rammed down our throat...

  9. TDG IS TDG doesnt matter which company we fly work,drive for...all the training comes from a specific handful of companies offering the training service...there is NO common sense or clear language involved at all...at a practical level NONE of it applies to us..its all BULLSHIT..there is no excuse for the card not to be transferable..other than a money issue..training companies ..and transports lack of insight as to what realy hapens out here in real life. IT all stems from ONe book that is one inch thick and growing ...and ALL companies are bound by that...no helicopter companie I have worked for has a TDG plan that is specific to them as transport seems to think it should be...Copy the answers from the las test and get to work..we are not going to do any thing differant ..Are we ?? and to the mother u know what that came up with online tests..what a dumb ***...and to the companies that dont stand up to transport for the bullshit...same comment..,


    I have to stop before I have a cornarary...medical this month...so yes there are some of us out here that see the stupidity of TDG...

  10. Well said Cap....its about time people in this industry stopped focusing on total time and looked at the inner qualifications of pilots...we (the industry) are way to focused on "TOTAL TIME" .as you said it is hard for a 5-7000hr pilot to look at a 1500hr pilot and admit that the lower time (I have to say Person now) could be equivilant or heaven forbid a better pilot than themselves...We only hold back our charges in fear of been outdone....way too much EGO in this industry. ..there are too many variables to assess ones ability someone getting into this game later in life brings with them an ability to make judgement calls far exceding that of an early 20somehting . As far as the police helicopter goes...the pilot should FLY the helicopter and the guy,or person beside them should do the "policing"..it matters not which pool the pilot is drawn from. The civie pilot can be taught to police ,and given the proper crudentials ..and the Police officer that wants to fly can be taught to do so as well....in the end its comes down to tunnel vision in ones thinking....and we all know were this industry would be if our "risk taking " forefathers had not thought outside the box.....

  11. The L/R with the enhancment kit on has to be the greatest long ranger out there. It must be enhanced . I used one too fly drills & misc at galore and there was no stopping it . I dont remember the mt weight but it would take 2 drums of jet fuel and a drum of diesel off Bobquin strip and fly into camp with return fuel. All within limits .

    Forgot to add that the enhancment kit makes them run cooler

  12. Hey Chairman....


    "The LR is a bucket of poo - to say it will lift 1300lbs without a lot of fuel is suspect"


    What are you trying to say here?Suspect?

    Would you mind elaborating a bit for me?

    The L/R with the enhancment kit on has to be the greatest long ranger out there. It must be enhanced . I used one too fly drills & misc at galore and there was no stopping it . I dont remember the mt weight but it would take 2 drums of jet fuel and a drum of diesel off Bobquin strip and fly into camp with return fuel. All within limits .

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