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  1. It varies from one applicant to another. Sometimes the TFW is already type rated on the Machine that the Canadian Operator has and the savings comes from not having to pay the Type Rating of the Canadian. Some flight schools that have a charter Operations on the side, hire their ex foreign students as TFW on their charter side for free or peanuts or use that as an attraction for more foreign students..... Sometimes the TFW is not paid at all, but actually offered to pay to fly in order to gain experience to go back home with. Sometimes as in the case of the Sunwing TFW pilots who come
  2. The English petition is in English, the French one is in French
  3. Yesterday we started a petition against Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) pilots in Canada. Please sign it and ask your family and friends to sign it as well. We have an english version: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Canadien_government_Canadien_aircraft_flown_by_Canadian_pilots//?launch and a French version of the same Petition, so sign either one. https://secure.avaaz.org/fr/petition/Canadien_government_Canadien_aircraft_flown_by_Canadian_pilots//?launch We are looking for 50,000 signatures so everyone should pitch in to make sure their friends and relatives all sig
  4. Those pilots that are qualified for a job and that are overlooked in favor of a TFW pilot should write as soon as possible to their MP and complain. This happens not only at Sunwing but at many aircraft operators throughout Canada. Many Helicopter Operators and Crop Dusters make use of TFW pilots in the summer. This must be stopped. Those jobs are for Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada first and should only be offered to TFW pilots if qualified Canadians cannot be found. You don't need to be type rated or need to have any special qualifications other than what would normally be requ
  5. Good timing. This morning I received an Access to Information Request I made on May 13 2014. It took almost a year to receive it. It contains all the approved LMO applications made by Canadian Aircraft Operators between Oct 2014 and May 13 2014, with all supporting documents. In a few days, we will publish an indexed version of same document with applicant's name in the index. I encourage all pilots to go over this 1000+ page document to see what dubious claims Employers often make to avoid hiring qualified Canadian pilots in favor of TFW pilots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5853ejl2jrcl
  6. When an operator makes an LMIA application to ESDC and 50 qualified pilots apply for the job, there is no way for ESDC to know any different if it tells ESDC that there were no qualified applicants. They can just throw all the high time quality applicants in the trash and show a few low time applicants to ESDC to demonstrate that there are no qualified applicants in Canada. If after that, one of you writes to them to state that you applied there and had not heard of the Operator, its will give them ammunition to take action.
  7. Today we had a meeting at Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC) in YOW. We went there to ask them to stop allowing Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) pilots into Canada, not only in the airlines business but in all aviation sectors, flight Instruction, 702, 703 and 704. I made a special mention of the TFW problem in the Helicopter industry. One of the complaints the Director of the TFWP at ESDC made to us, is that they set up a means for people to complain against abuses in the TFWP but very few pilots have lodged complaints. They need complaints in order to take any action becaus
  8. My efforts are not targeting foreign pilots who immigrate to Canada. It targets those Canadian companies, who claim that there are no qualified pilots in Canada and use that excuse to hire TFW pilots who take the jobs that should go to Canadians and Permanent Residents of this country.
  9. Well I often get attacked by the few Sunwing fools who were led to believe that its thanks to TFW pilots that their company was able to expand and hire them, and that further use of more TFW will fuel even more growth and enable Sunwing to hire more Canadian pilots. These fools do not understand that if Sunwing who has 120 TFW pilots right now were to be denied those TFW next winter, that these positions would all be filled by Canadian pilots next year. Then there are those who are afraid for their jobs, afraid of their employers, afraid of their chief pilots and whose motto in aviatio
  10. Yesterday, I was going over some of the LMO applications some operators made and the arguments they filed in order to justify not hiring Canadian. One for example listed "500 hours and willing to live up north". He added a note stating Canadians were unwilling to live where the job was offered, which I know to be BS. The problem is Canadians have no idea these claims are made, and ESDC which is to evaluate the applications have neither the means nor the required background needed to evaluate these fake operator claims. We need to unite to fight this kind of plague together. We are all a
  11. I would. But I'm francophone, live in Quebec, am an ATPL rated pilot flying 705 large fixed wing jets, for Air Transat, all reasons that will scare many pilots away. Similar to some of the reasons that the CPPC did not gain broad support perhaps.
  12. I see no one is really interested. You find acceptable that the Helicopter Association of Canada tells the government that foreign pilots are necessary ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcj1k5qamssi6ma/Helicopter%20Association%20of%20Canada_Honourable_Jason_Kenny.pdf?dl=0
  13. Many countries need Foreign pilots. Canada does not.
  14. Hello Everyone, As many of you know, for the past three years, I've been fighting the issue of Foreign Pilots that certain airlines in Canada employed every winter as Temporary Foreign Workers. At the time this practice was limited to Canjet and Sunwing in the 705 sector. I have since learned that all Operators have recourse to Temporary Foreign Worker Pilots, from Flight Schools, to 702, 703 and 704 Operators. It seems that every year, hundreds of Foreign Pilots are given Temporary Work Permits to come to work in Canada and take jobs away from Canadians. This is especially prevalent i
  15. http://www.cbaamatters.com/wp-content/uploads/Submission-to-the-Minister-of-Transport-by-the-Coalition-Opposing-FDT-proposal1.pdf This is what the Helicopter Industry had to say to CARAC with regards to the proposed new Flight and Duty Time Regulations:
  16. I'm fixed wing. I don't have a stake in this. Sorry for butting in.
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