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  1. It is 4th one within 4 years.. One failed in GHJV-medevack machine, second with fire in GHJT, third GHJL, and now GHJL again... How many engine chip lights...no need to know.
  2. Twinpac, who hires for that place? CHC?
  3. What about this one? GENERAL AVIATION POLICY LETTER GAPL 2005-02 2005-09-07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject Definition of “flight time”. Purpose Clarify the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) definition of “flight time” with respect to helicopters. Reference Canadian Aviation Regulations Part I - General Provisions, Sub-part 1 Interpretation Background CAR 101.01(1) defines “flight time” as meaning “the time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of
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