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  1. Thanks, Boomer - I've mentioned peoples' thoughts on this forum to Aerogulf (plus all the PMs that I've received) and they are very grateful for your thoughts, particularly the guy who had to tell the wives that their husbands would not be coming home again. :(


    It was their first accident in over 30 years of operation, so there is particular gloom in the office.



  2. I agree with MMike - be as reasonable as you can, but you come first. If they had no pilots and you were around later they would still hire you again rather than having a machine sit on the ground.


    I hear you about them doing stuff for you, though and it does cloud the issue, but remember if you work over a reasonable amount of hours you could be viewed as investing in the company and therefore deserve the rewards. The fact that the owner does is part of running a business and his problem. I'm not saying you shouldn't help out when their backs are against the wall, but the modern trend is to have people working as long as possible, and should be stopped in my opinion. People have lives outside the office.




    "do you think, after two years of minimum wage, no overtime, super long hours , being treated like a retard, and no flying, you would feel like you owed your company ANYTHING when they finally did put you behind the glass? 7-11 in calgary pays $15 an hour with a signing bonus. never heard of groundcrew making that"



    "there is no reason you can't pay a guy while your learning to trust him. Sure theres the old excuse of 'toughening them up for the job', but an employee will work better if he actually enjoys working there"



    Both excellent points!



  4. Hi MMike -


    The simple fact is that very few fixed wing aircraft land in confined areas and do the stuff we do.


    In any case, most accidents these days are due to people doing stuff they shouldn't. Note I said "most" - there are some genuine accidents where nothing could really have been done, but as long as you are careful and everyone else around you does their job right, I wouldn't worry too much.


    No-one leaves this Earth without The Management's permission anyway!



  5. On this point, I must extend grateful thanks to Winnie (and his students!) for all their help so far They found typos and stuff, to be sure, but also made some useful suggestions for the next edition which looks like it will be out sooner than we think!


    And Winnie has another good suggestion for an IR exam prep book - watch this space....



  6. Yup, I found those and we sacked the preafrooder - if you let me have your address I will send you a new one. If you could let me have a note of what you found, I will also make sure they are the same ones!



  7. Well said, Plinko. I can only add that Remote Helicopters (when I was there, at least) paid us for all flying we did, including training & non-rev. Some companies do it.


    We should get paid a lot more for the responsibility we take on ourselves when we "break the rules" to get the job done - for example, every time we go into a confined area we are more often than not in the avoid curve. Something happens there - guess who ends up in court because the company won't support you. We don't get paid nearly enough for that!



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