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  1. Cole - not that I'm suggesting you should do this as a matter of routine, but if you are ever stuck in the field with a dead N1 gauge and you simply have to get it started, when the blades start moving just on battery power is about 15%. 58% N1 is about 25% Rotor RPM.




    Without prejudice. All models over 18 years of age. No animals were harmed during the production of this product. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or events, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent. Batteries not included. If condition persists, consult your physician. Slippery when wet. Parental guidance advised. Always read the label. If rash, irritation, redness, or swelling develops, discontinue use. Please remain seated until the web page has come to a complete stop. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. May contain nuts. May be too intense for some viewers. In case of accidental ingestion, seek professional assistance or contact a poison control centre immediately. Products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems. objects in rear-view mirror may be behind you. Driver does not carry cash. Other restrictions may apply.

  2. My usual trick is to just ask:


    "Tower, request departure for tight circuit for autorotations to the runway/practice hydraulic failure/touch and go with one engine failure on takeoff"


    Plain English works sometimes!


    However, I will try to see if I can find out anything



  3. Hi there,

    For the my very firs time here I can say that this is one of the best sites dealing with helicopter problems. Just go on! :up:

    Now back to the problem, I'm heli flight instructor and curently I'm making the Manual of radiothelephony specially for heli pilots. The main sorce are ICAO and CAA documents but there are no details like: flight in formation, emergence procedures for helicopters etc.

    My question is: does anybody knows something about it or has experience in that field?





    have you got ICAO Doc 9432? If not, PM me



  4. Don't worry too much, Cole - those guys make valid points which needed making, just in case you hadn't taken them on board, but I have also found that in order to stand your ground with customers and some peers, and to be properly confident in your job, you have to be what most people would call big-headed, arrogant, or even cocky.


    If I had a motto myself, it would be this one from Enoch Powell, a British politician:


    "I have never taken disagreement as an indication that I am wrong"


    Bigheaded? Maybe, but the guy was a Brigadier at 26.



  5. Any commercial pilot (with Canadian licence) with more than 10 hours on type can do a type rating. CARs 421.40 refers:


    (g) Helicopter - One Pilot


    Within the 12 months preceding the application for the rating, an applicant for an individual aircraft type rating for a helicopter with a minimum flight crew requirement of one pilot shall have successfully completed:

    (amended 1999/03/01; previous version)


    (i) a flight test, on the helicopter type, for the issue of a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter; or


    (ii) a Pilot Proficiency Check on the helicopter type; or


    (iii) a qualifying flight under the supervision of a person qualified in accordance with CAR 425.21(7)(B)...........



    (B) in the case of training for a holder of a helicopter pilot permit or pilot licence:

    (amended 2006/12/14; previous version)


    (i) be the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Helicopter; and

    (amended 2005/12/01; previous version)


    (ii) have experience of not less than 10 hours flight time on the type of helicopter used for the training;



    As for currency, I believe it is 3 circuits and landings every 90 days, but a PPC will have the same effect. A first turbine might require 5 hours



  6. But shirley none of these were due to bad fuel supplies? There were a whole lot of CRM issues involved in each one, not least the engineers who deliberately fitted the wrong pump to the engine on the Azores airbus.


    I just spent two years working with someone who is very high up in the 609 world and if it were available (and I had the cash!) I would operate one straight away as I can see a couple of markets immediately.


    I'm sure the same arguments were going around when some idiot decided he was going to design a helicopter..........


    Personally I'm willing to give it a chance - I'd certainly be happier in it even at its current state of development than some helicopters!



  7. "Area of concentration is Ester Island which is on the western side of Prince William Sound. They made a call at 17.15 on Monday and after missing the next two calls (17.35 and 17.45) they were considered overdue."


    Apparently there are continual updates on justhelicopters.com.


    Good luck to rescuers and rescued.



  8. We had such a problem in a 355 in UK once. The book says to shut down the engine (Allison 250) within 30 seconds to avoid an inspection if the oil pressure goes, but this was not done - it is unknown how long it actually was. Anyhow, it was eventually shutdown successfully and it was discovered that most of it was on the verge of seizing, and not exploding.


    I guess it's like anything else - you don't really know what's going on behind there. I work on the basis that as soon as something goes wrong it belongs to the insurance company, so I'll do whatever it takes to get it down safely. That is, sacrifice the machine to save the passengers. Having said that, my autorotation training is better than that for nursing sick engines. My personal choice is that if I can autorotate, shutting down the engine if it's likely to fail imminently gives me one less thing to worry about and secures the fuel system, etc. If it can give me that little bit extra when I need it, then try to use it.



  9. Jeez - speaking as one whose training was paid for by the Queen, I take my hat off to you guys for your dedication and perseverance. I've had my share of rocky rides, but....


    I can only wish you the best of luck, except to say that I would probably get going asap, 'cos you never know what delays there may be. Better be early than late!


    Good luck!



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