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  1. Dragon Helicopters (and Atlantic Helicopters) both do the JAA CPL(H). Dragon Helicopters uses Bristol Groundschool's notes, modified for helicopters. Atlantic do their own. Have not seen them, so can't comment.



  2. And they only do fixed wing.....


    When it is approved, my course will be the only modular distance learning for the JAA ATPL(H) - the HA one in Orlando is ATP standard but is integrated so you will have to stay there for a few months.


    You could go the Bristol/GTS route (GTS are better IMHO) and get credited with the fixed wing exams which leaves that option available for later. A lot of work, though, if you're not interested in the 737 NG......



    Moncton have a JAA link, but again, fixed wing. When I've got time, I will be talking to Canadian flight schools to get helicopter JAA training done in Canada - too much paperwork right now!




    PS - will be offering CPL(H) as well!


    PPS - is there any point in offering a structured distance learning course for the Canadian exams?

  3. Buy this book:


    Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies - JAA Version


    Bug me to finish the progress tests (real soon now) and take the exams! You will also need the Jeppesen Student Manual containing samples of all their charts, plus a computer.


    The book is the course notes for the soon-to-be-approved JAA ATPL (H) course that I will shortly have available, especially suitable for professionals with licences who don't need the BS.



  4. Thanks fot the tip ol' bud, and I'm drinking your double double now - a kind friend in Thunder Bay sent me a Red Cross parcel of some Timmies.....


    Actually, I wasn't going to use copyright, but if I do I will take your advice - I'll PM you.



  5. Thanks! I think I'm going to do something about it, but I might need a couple of witnesses to state their opinions on his products. If anyone is happy to do this, please PM me. It will probably mean nothing more than an affidavit, for which I am happy to pay.





  6. "their true intentions are for me to be the best i can with their help."


    Somebody asked me once on an interview what gets me out of bed in the morning. The answer that sprang to mind was that I had to change the sheets, but you just put into words what I couldn't think of at the time!



  7. I hear you - but I usually rely on the good old standby that the truth is a good defence against slander. Having said that, of course PMs are useful!


    Here's more from my source:


    "In any case, the apparent content of Culhane's letter to XXX, as described verbally to me by them, was to infer that some of your material was copied from his. (It goes without saying that I do not believe one fraction of Culhane's astonishing b.s.) Nevertheless, it appears that Culhane has stated in this letter that should they carry your titles, then he (i.e. Culhane) would sue them."


    Actually, for those who are interested, my sources included my British Army training notes and those from a firm called Avigation with whom I took my exams in UK, plus a small book called Commercial Pilot Studies by Norman Royce. Then there were all those ICAO documents, CARs, and some stuff from NASA and the FAA, which is in the public domain anyway, and my own experience operating amateur radio, setting up companies and fixing computers.



  8. Nothing against old machines as long as the money is spent on them - we've got several 212s here that look like classic cars!


    Altering the thread slightly, any tips the ol' farts can pass on to the young whippersnappers before they go? :)


    One is - if you ever end up running a company, make sure you spend money properly when it's required. It costs a certain amount of money to do any job, and if you try and do it cheaper than that, it will cost you twice as much in other ways. I learnt that one from Disney project managers.



  9. Actually, I do have an instructor book - it started off as a supplement to the Commercial books, since you have to know that whole syllabus.


    It probably needs a bit more work, though, as I'm not (yet) a full instructor myself - just a type rating instructor. PM me your email, and I'll send you the PDF for a sneak preview.


    I know that Aviation World don't stock Mr C's stuff because he's gone in so many times shouting and screaming at them for not putting his books in a prominent position. They told him to rearrange two words into a well-known phrase or saying - I'll leave you to guess what they were!




  10. Well, it's a tactic he often uses - he tried to sue aerotraining for supplying free exam questions on their web site, and lost miserably - it cost him 80,000 bucks, as I recall, and he lost more on the appeal. The trouble is, although none of his cases have any merit, it's still a pain to sort it out in court, and who's got the time anyway. However......


    I'm normally a live and let live kinda guy, but all the adverse comments I've kept off my web site about his stuff out of politeness are going back on - tdawe - can I use you very astute remark? :)


    The reason I started writing my books in the first place is because of his substandard product!


    I don't know what the grounds are for his threat yet, but I will keep you posted.



  11. Hi guys - it would appear that Mr Culhane has written to several aviation bookshops threatening to sue them if they stock my books. I know that many of them have told him to shove off, and in fact, some don't stock his titles any more, which is probably why he had to open a shop, but if this has caused difficulties with anybody here I would like to know about it.


    If any of you have any experience with this sort of thing, I would appreciate your thoughts - he's not the only one with a law degree, but mine isn't Canadian. It sounds as if he deserves another pasting like the one he got with aerotraining.



  12. Thanks Phil. Look forward to seeing that. I'm surrounded by Sikorsky nuts that don't want to say anything good about it but myself, I can't wait to sit in a 139. Might have short legs but what a powerhouse.




    Don't forget to plug it in to the Earth point when it's in the hangar!



  13. Yes, I've read that one - and very good it was too! It puts a lot of things into perspective!


    Shawn Coyle's books are well worth a read, and Fatal Traps For Helicopter Pilots also, plus the usual Chickenhawk, of course, whatever people think about whether it was based on his own experiences or not (I couldn't read the sequel).


    One that's not related to helicopters, but is still an excellent read is First Light by Geoffrey Wellum - it's the equivalent of Chickenhawk for Spitfire pilots and takes you through the author's training and fighting in WWII.



  14. Sadly. not large bookstores, as they have a tendency not to pay their bills :(, although we are talking to they guys who do From The Ground Up about distribution


    Otherwise you can get it from:


    Helicopters Only (USA - Official Distributor)

    Calgary Pilot Supply (Guess Where?)

    Hammond Aviation (Waterloo Airport, Ontario)

    The Prop Shop (Toronto Municipal)

    Aviation World (Toronto Pearson)


    We send everything UPS so if you get it from my site it will be there quick anyway.



    Other books? Helicopter Maintenance by Joe Schafer is a good one for the library, as is Shawn's.

    I'll mention your comments to him, but I know he has just appointed a new graphics guy - I believe he did all those himself!



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