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  1. He also wanted 2000 hours on type when the 407 had only been out a few months..... Nice looking ships, thugh. Phil
  2. A good point. I did a few spreadsheets some years ago, available from here: www.electrocution.com/avation under the heading Useful downloads. Phil
  3. Speaking as one of the first people who put their 200 bucks down for HEPAC, bring it on. Phil
  4. Don't know about the 214 but it's to do with fuselage attitude on the 407 which has a damped ASI, so you are getting information after the event. The max rate of climb ensures that you have some sort of correct attitude if the engine quits. Phil
  5. Alphadog - there is one Canadian airline that has an "arrangement" with EASA, but don't hold your breath for the rest of the industry, or the world. Phil
  6. More or less, exactly the same as the current fixed wing agreement. Essentially, you will be able to swap licences with minimum formality. Phil
  7. I'm sure TC will post it when they are ready Phil
  8. I don't know those sort of details as yet, the study guide is still being finalised on the Canadian side. Meanwhile if there is a heli instructor who fancies moving to Ottawa to write exam questions, PM me. I will pass your name on. I am already doing EASA ones Phil
  9. I hear a rumour that it will start in March Phil
  10. From someone who is missing the Timmy's y'all have a good Christmas and New Year. Here's Santa's flight manual: http://www.captonline.com/sleigh.pdf Phil
  11. Don't do the EASA unless you really need to - it's not nearly as straightforward as the others. Mind you, just had a Canadian in from Qatar, he sailed through everything. Cheers phil
  12. In my experience, the most inconvenient decision (i.e. stay on the ground) is the safest one. You need airspeed in that situation so that all the fins and stabilisers work properly. If I remember right, the minimum IFR speed for the Dauphin is 76 kts, but for most light helicopters it's around 45 kts. As a result, if I don't like what I see at 60 knots, I'm on the ground - I never could judge distance that well from the cockpit. Good movie - kudos to him for talking about it. Phil
  13. I believe Agusta were persuaded to donate it. phil
  14. Thanks to your input I managed to get the authorities over here to delete the question, although they actually want to modify it to mention large helicopters. Phil
  15. Just in the process of adding Canadian specific stuff, like air law and met. Otherwise the subject matter is already good enough for Canada, if a little overkill! You can now find it at www.rtfq.org There are just too many platforms for anyone but a large company to produce an app. Phil
  16. Hi guys - there's a question that keeps popping up in the EASA exams about whether skids or wheels are best for landing on rocky ground - so I thought I'd ask the experts They are looking for wheels as the correct answer phil
  17. I can make it password controlled, but I have no way of checking that it isn't an employer It's simply a forum at the moment, but I hear what you say about visibility Phil
  18. If the mods will indulge me, I have created a section called Canadian Pilot Availability under Helicopters on my forum site, www.aviafora.com. Phil
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