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  1. I, too have been watching this carefully - I can only relate what happened when I suggested a friend of mine as a possible candidate for a summer season. The reply was "I've heard a lot of bad things about him from many sources." So he didn't get the job.


    There is an owner's club - however bad they might be, they still all talk to each other, but the individual in question is now working for a prestigious company and doing very well, so there is hope!



  2. No, not a kilt, I'm a bit further South than that! I'd show you a picture of me in one, but I don't want to scare the horses.


    I was trying to say that my philosophy is generally to go with the flow, and it's not done me any harm. All the good jobs I ever got I either tripped over, as if Fate took a hand, or needed minimum effort after knocking on the door. It's almost as if the management upstairs took a hand. I might not be rich but I'm sure lucky.



  3. It's easy to forget that we are not the only industry that is hard to break into - photography is worse if you want to be successful, and try being a junior lawyer!

    Tom Paxton said the same about folk singing, but I suspect he was secretly enjoying life when he wrote the song.


    I look at it like this - you are where you need to be at any given time - if you are needed elsewhere, things will be arranged. So why not enjoy it?



  4. I know it always costs more to do anything by committee, but if they got a half-reasonable guy in to run it, and did it properly, then I have no problem with them saving the public dollar.


    Where I get out of my tree is when they take advantage of their subsidised position to undercut other operators, and do it illegally, like the MNR do in NS. At least the Coastguard went to the trouble to get an AOC



  5. Indeed I am - the bottom of the blade refers to the direction of rotation - clockwise as viewed from the port side. It's not a pusher just because the bottom blade goes forward - that's just the way I speak - economically. Perhaps I should have said "because the bottom blade goes forward, it spins clockwise viewed from the port side, and because the tailboom is made to go to starboard it is a pusher." Maybe I can rephrase that in the next edition.


    The Helicopter Pilot's Handbook is not meant to be a treatise on the Principles of Flight - Ray Prouty or Shawn Coyle do that very well already. The idea is to give some practical advice to pilots who are going to get the average training from the average company - i.e. none at all, unless they ask any experienced guys around. Aside from my own experience (which is over 75% of the book anyway), all I've really done is pick up all those bits of paper lying around most offices and put them together as an attempt to impart information - and hey, aside from forums like this there's nothing else. Naturally, I can't verify absolutely everything that I get from other sources, but I do have a good bullshit detector, and information like "flying with a big hole in the tail rotor" has come from someone who has had some experience, in that case from someone who had actually flown in Nam, as reported in a magazine. I don't know how big the hole was, or whether the 50% was actually bullet holes spread all over, but I have no reason to disbelieve people who have been there and done it - and I have learnt to keep an open mind over the years. Richard Bach has flown aeroplanes that have done the seemingly impossible, and many planes in WWII got back with most of their props missing, where you would think that they would have ripped off the gearbox as well, but they didn't. Maybe some readers here should learn to open their minds as well.


    My point was that the jetbox will stand a lot of abuse and still get you home, which is not to say that you should abuse it. Unfortunately, this is done daily.


    It doesn't invalidate the book, and comments like those below are completely uncalled for:


    "After careful thought I can only suspect that this author's brain has "large amounts.....missing, and either 50% gone, or with a big hole in it"


    "The author's comments make the rest of the book suspect..."


    Enough pilots with more experience than I will ever have have read the book and said that they wished it was around when they were learning, so I'm not worrying about it, but Ryan can have his money back if he wants, any time.



    And my lawnmower still has 30-odd% of one blade missing :)



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