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  1. In most companies I've been in, Flight time is the time at the controls, which is what the client is billed and what goes in your log book, and air time is skids off, which is what goes in the tech log, thus giving the company a fair enough edge - anything else is cheating, IMHO. I've never been asked to do anything unwritten, such as this, though.



  2. Wasn't there a "consultant" that fell off the end of a runway and insisted they double its length because it was too short?


    Yes, Chevy, I've met some of these "consultants" - one of whom ran out of fuel in flight! Unfortunatley, their influence is also combined with a p*ssing contest between customers who can say they are safer because their pilots have more hours.


    I've gone back into consultancy now and will be trying to make some sort of difference where I can.



    Hel-Air Aviation Safety Consultants

  3. I have no problem publishing my rates - last year I got $160 per day, plus $60 p.h., plus $25 away from base and $35 food (may have been the other way round). Non-rev was paid for at the same rate. It was a steady year, in that I didn't necessarily work my tail off, yet I still managed to pull in $57K for just under 6 month's work. That would no doubt have been more if I'd managed to get to Kelowna.


    Why do I like fires? i feel as if I'm doing something useful, very few customers tell me how to do my job and I get minimums. And i meet all those guys I met the year before.



  4. Is it any wonder - I know at least two pilots that are retiring this year after their experiences with customers last year. Not just changing jobs - stopping flying.


    yes, puddlejumper - they hire from outside - met a lot of great New Zealanders last year. Meanwhile, no disrespect to them, but there's all these low-timers who are quite capable of doing a lot of jobs. Actually, there are plenty of pilots, but nobody wants a lot of them!



  5. Certainly check whether the h/v diagram is recommended or not (if it's in the limitations section it's mandatory). However, the sad truth is that, however well you justify your decision (h/v not valid for approaches anyway, etc) a smart lawyer will still make you look bad and juries think that anything to do with aviation has megabucks involved, or they at least know there might be insurance with deep pockets.



  6. In Winter I sleep :) More seriously, I manage to scribble a few words to add to the pile of books and articles and once Visa has been paid back I can justify picking up the novels again. Otherwise, the Irish rebel songs on the accordion are coming on well (where's that monkey?), and I modify the odd radio and fix the odd computer. I don't plan to stop flying helicopters, but I will be restricting it to slinging and fires only.


    Oh yes, I'm an keen listener of the Art Bell show



  7. Yeah, well, Fred Savage liked it, and he should have put me on the "approved list" by now!


    OK, maybe I will set one up in May in Calgary - I've got to go up to Whitecourt as well around then, so maybe the location could shift - it will be a PDM course covering all the stuff that TC want covered, but specifically aiming for what working pilots need to think about - any suggestions will also be incorporated - it's very much a discussion-based thing. Rates would be the same as Transport charged - $100 per day per person. Early May is best for me, but my time is flexible



  8. You can do an L-1 and a TN at the border - takes about an hour. As you say, you can do it with some sort of specialisation as well as posting yourself - I just need needed to incorporate anyway, so it seemed a good idea to make the money work twice



  9. An L-1 is not hard to do, just paperwork - simply create a company in the US and post yourself to "head office", provided you have been "trading" as a foreign company for over a year, and you don't even have to be incorporated. If you have a degree, look at a TN if you are a Canadian citizen. PM me if you want the name of a good lawyer. It's a bit fiddly, but there are lots of good jobs available down there - just look at www.jsfirm.com.


    Apparently, the justice department wish to know if you're going to be a pilot, but this appears to be for larger stuff.



  10. Then again, most of us only work for 8 months, but that's no excuse for flying when you're tired. If the present experience gap in the middle widens, I can see that those who can fill spaces will be paid more and more to move around and nobody will do anything to bring younger blood in. As sisyphus says, if they can go down to the States as well, it will only get worse (see you down there ;) .



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