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  1. I believe they tried 2 minutes and found that, while there is a difference between 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it wasn''t worth the wait, and in some cases could be detrimental to the engine. The Allison, of course, is squished back on itself, so would have more hotspots which need stabilising.


    The D model Astar needs 3 minutes



  2. Yes, it covers the helicopter one, too - the supplement is meant to be read in conjunction with Canadian pro Pilot studies, since the whole commercial syllabus (not ATP) is up for grabs at examination time, so the supplement is more to do with the stuff an instructor needs to know specifically. All books are available as PDF files, if you''re that way inclined.



  3. It only has a permit to fly, not a C of A.


    I've not flown a Robbie, so I can't compare, but I did go and evaluate an Exec for a potential importer in the UK, and thought it a lot of fun, but then that was a factory-built one. The CAA's opinion was that if it survived the US's litigious society then they would look favourably on it, which says something, I suppose - however, they did mutter something about it being professionally built, and you would need a PPL on something like an Enstrom first.



  4. Are we talking about flight time or flight duty time? If the latter, the question is wrong!


    There is no maximum flight time limit in 24 hours, as such, except 8 hours if you're single-pilot IFR, or if you've done a 15-hour duty day beforehand. The "maximum" derives from the maximum duty day.


    It is theoretically possible to do 15 flight hours in a duty day of 15, but the maximum duty day anyone can do is actually 17, if you take into account split duties - since this is based on rest taken in the duty period, you would only be able to do 14 hours flight time. 15 is the "right" answer, but only because the others are wrong.


    Phil Croucher


    CARs in Plain English

  5. You have to go to your profile (log in first!), select the check box for custom avatar and supply a location on the web where it will be found - maybe your isp allows you to have some storage. if not you''re welcome to stick it on my site.


    It needs to be 40 x 40 pixels, I believe.



  6. I''ve tried them all - if you want to spend the bucks, get either an Ipaq, or an HP Jornada 76 series if you want a keyboard (you could get an HP Jornada 56x, but they''re not made any more). Alternatively, you could look out for an old psion 3a, which I still use, and you can get them for about 50 US on ebay (The 5mx is good, to, but way more expensive). The reasons for using the expensive beasts mentioned first are because they will play mp3s (useful on stayovers) and you can put pocketbooks in them.


    I use the spreadsheets in them for CG and duty hours - if you want samples, just download them from my site at www.electrocution.com/aviation.htm


    I certainly would not recommend a palm



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