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  1. "I think if they want safer operations these companies should develope a load rating of 75% of OGE available performance and THAT would be safer instantly"


    Hear hear! Especially when twins tend to cut the fuel flow when the engines get overtorqued - i.e. the RRPM drops right when you need the power. I teach my students that a twin is only safer when one engine fails, and that your flight planning is now on steroids.



  2. "As part of my training background, we often entered autorotation to touchdowns inside the edge of that chart.


    Additionally, every "normal" approach you complete (aka the standard site picture and walking pace) goes right through the middle of that chart."


    The H/V chart is not valid(ated) for approaches. Above the knee it covers the cruise, below that the climb out.



  3. "Engines aren't the biggest elephant in the room...."


    Absolutely. This is an old debate, but having two engines didn't help the guys in the S-92 off Newfoundland or the machines that went down just afterwards in the North Sea.


    However, we do live in a litigious age.... Even though the avoid curve is not in the limitations section, I think it's worth pointing out that one definition of a jury is 12 people who are not smart enough to get out of it :). These are the people who may be judging you and may not appreciate the subtle difference between the various sections of the POH. To them, just because you are associated with helicopters means you are a) rich and B) insured.


    This is just one area where we grease the wheels of the industry for which we don't get paid nearly enough.... :)


    In answer to the last post, the 117's H/V curve also moves into the Limitations section once you get into high density seating.



  4. A real cheap upgrade for any low time pilot is to learn a language - or you really are restricted to the 21% of the english speaking world! You're wasting all that time driving - stick a language CD in there!


    I'm planning a trip back to Canada this year (OK, next year) and planning to hold a few of my CRM courses here and there - if anyone is interested, PM me and maybe we can get something going. The courses are valid for Canada and JAA, and last for one day.


    I've prepared a short course on avionics for the RCAF - any mileage in it for civil operators?





  5. Actually, I believe the answer should be with damping and the period is about 84 minutes - 84 minutes being the Schuler tuning. Which database are you using?


    Here's a good example of a JAA question.


    The flux valve of a gyro magnetic compass:


    a) is pendulously mounted and remains aligned with the earth magnetic field.


    B) is fixed to ans turns with the aircraft to create a field which is used to measure the angle between the aircraft and the earth magnetic flux lines.


    c) is not subject to turning and acceleration error.


    d) is pendulously suspended and is not affected by the vertical component of the earth magnetic field.


    They very often require the least wrong answer!


    Others follow!



  6. 1.When an inertial platform system is operating on board an aircraft, it is necessary to use a device with the following characteristics, in order to keep the vertical line with a pendulous system:


    Without giving the game away, bear in mind that JAA questions require attention to detail - i.e they play mind games. Every word is important! There's usually an obvious answer that is not correct!




    I'm currently doing a book of pilot puzzles - would you guys like to try some? :)



  7. This anti-authority thing - on my CRM courses, I teach that one should be a little anti-authority, as it protects you from pushy passengers and management. This is part of having a good opinion of yourself, and what my missis calls being big-headed :)


    If you don't have a good opinion of yourself, this is picked up by said people above and exploited. Being a Captain comes from inside - you can wear as much uniform and gold braid as you wish, but until you think you're a Captain, nobody else will.


    If you manage to find that assessment thing, bear in mind that you will be a different mix of "undesirable attitudes" at different parts of the day. It depends on how many nobs you have to deal with. :)



  8. Hi there - in answer to your questions:


    1) Are the Culhane Manuals sufficient?


    No, certainly not for self study. They need severe guidance from an instructor to tell you what bits are wrong.


    2) If so, are the editions earlier than 2010 suitable?


    No, they don't appear to have been updated since at least 1997, as witnessed by charts that have been changed but are still in his books.


    3) Are any other texts considered preferable to the Culhane manuals?


    My Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies has everything you need and is ready for the new TC syllabus.


    The AIM is worth reading, and you also need Ryan Lindsay's question book, available from the same website (just scroll up or down).



  9. I'm just doing a review of the 500 for a magazine and it doesn't come out well against the AV8OR, for example. Well built, but the screen is nowhere near as configurable as the x96 series, and the information shown is sadly lacking - you have to keep pushing buttons to get what you want, and the menu system is not well thought out either.


    Thanks for the heads up about software.



  10. One of the things we tell young pilots when looking for good cheap ways of expanding their qualifications is to learn a language - preferably Spanish, then French. Only 21% of the world speaks English, and S America is looking to interesting soon.


    Just a thought.



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