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  1. http://www.hcnonline.com/site/news.cfm?new...39299&rfi=8
  2. It was clear to me, but obviously not to you. The topic is "Aw 139 Accident" - this has nothing to do with the NH 90 accident in Italy. Nevertheless, back to topic, altough it´s sad enough
  3. We are talking about 2 different accidents: One was the fatal AW139 crash and the other one was the Italian armed forces crash with a NH 90. The pilot of the NH 90 died shortly after the accident. Jan
  4. It´s too funny - it seems like that those Chuck Norris jokes are famous around the world - even in Germany we make them all the time Jan --- back to topic ---
  5. The incident happened at Bonn Hangelar Airport in Western Germany. Here is a photo of the Bell 407 (N33KC (c/n 53462) http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1154698&size=L kind regards, Jan
  6. What about a Bell 206 B4? @chopperman: Here´s a almost brand new Bell 206 of an American Operator (L.A.F.D.) built in late 2007: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Untitled_(L.../1320481/large/
  7. From the early beginning on, the R66 was called the "JetRanger killer"... As mentioned in the press release not only the B 206 and the 210 production will be terminated also the 427 and the 430. Will they bring any new helicopters on the market in the near future besides the 429? regards, Jan
  8. According to technical bulletin 407-03-51 the operator can remove the aerodynamic cover with the frahm damper underneath. The advantage is that you have circa 25 kilogramms more payload, but you then have more vibrations especially in the rear-cabin. I photographed this 407 in Canmore in 2005 - it had the cover removed: Merry Christmas, Jan
  9. Well, it flys Just found those on pprune. Regards, Jan
  10. Some more details: N-number : N466R Aircraft Serial Number : 0001 Aircraft Manufacturer : ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO Model : R66 Aircraft Year : Owner Name : ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO Owner Address : 2901 AIRPORT DR TORRANCE, CA, 90505-6115
  11. According to several sources there is a baggage room behind the rear seats.
  12. Not quite sure if it was posted here before but I couldn´t find anything. Looks like a prototype of the R66, based on a R44 for test phases: :shock: :punk: http://robinsonhelicopters.org/forum/index...ttach=199;image http://www.robinsonhelicopters.org/index.p...msg1167#msg1167 regards, Jan
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