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  1. Hey Guys, Any info on LR Helicopters kicking around would be great. They are based out of Springbank. Looking for info on there training division. Can't find any posts regarding them. Feel free to pm me.
  2. So Duke, I personally have spent 3 years doing HeliTack, 2 yrs siesmic, multiple years in other forestry related jobs as well 2 summers doing mountain rescue where I was on the end of the longline. Well over 150 days working around helicopters. Hence my dream to actually fly them. So if this info was on my resume and I went to this U.S. school, you wouldn't even give me a check ride? Surely that resume against buddy with little to no field experience deserves a look. Personally over the years I've found that time in the bush is the hardest to teach or train for. Just spit balling some tho
  3. Another question for the pilots that do the hiring? What's more important, the flight school a pilot came from or the check ride they do?
  4. So what's the difference between a 100hr+ pilot renting and doing circuts around springbank(faa dude) and a fresh 100hr guy flying global one or tours around the icefields or Kananaskis? I'm a dreamer and hoping to do the pilot thing one day. Due to the lack of funds it may be a dream for sometime. It doesn't help that this board seems to have some of the most crusty and unsupportive guys around. Someone shouldn't get slammed so bad for trying to make a dream come alive. Surely all yanky pilots aren't that bad. Stop the chatter. If the school is that bad, things should sort th
  5. Hey Cole, Just curious about your funding. Did you take the hole 50000 out as a loc if so what was the interest rate? Just the interest could be a huge payment every month. Also thanks for all the posts in the past. It's good to see someones progression from scratch.
  6. Are you a yank? If no, any idea how hard it is to change over to a canadian license and how much it would cost?
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