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  1. Beer fridge.....Beer fridge......Beer fridge!!! This is a fun topic! A heated floor is a must, with the raident heat, if you are working on top of a medium near it..you get baked....so you turn it down...then the guys on the floor ***** bout being cold!!! A good 2 speed overhead crane....as was mentioned before...make shure it will lift and clear any components you plan to remove from the machine. Lots of lights, power outlets, and air outlets. I love Bi-fold doors. A decent size paint booth, like a automotive side draft booth with a dedicated clean air supply, depending on the scop
  2. That is quite the history :shock: Is there a way to tell the difference between the green machines and the civil ones. Someone somewhere at sometime told me that there was an extra rivet line on the engine deck, splitting the engine into a hot and cold side (there was a fire wall riveted to the rivet line!!) Is this true?
  3. Ya I did a tour on their 205 there in Dec...... worst conditions ever! Drafty tent, kerosene heaters that work, well sometimes, and my personal fav, out houses! in -30 to 40. The, ummm....fragrent cones shall we say, were high enough to tickle your bum!! Untill Dave came by and broke them off with a 2X4! WORST PLACE EVER! You couldent pay me enough to go back there.
  4. Chinook in Abbotsford.....great machines, BH47, and a BH06, great people. Cathy is well known in the industry and I had a job before I was done. I also did my FAA licence with them....They know all the steps and have an FAA examiner available when needed. Top notch school.
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